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IAIS English 2023 Registration

Students have to contact their teachers, principal, or school coordinator to register for the IAIS/ICAS English examination.

Students are instructed to fill out the IAIS English registration form carefully. ICAS examines the different skills of a student through this exam, so the students are requested to go through the IAIS sample paper to get familiarized with the question pattern.

Please Note: 

The IAIS Olympiad for the year 2023, there is no information is been released by the official management yet. If the exam is getting conducted the information will be updated here.

Steps to apply for IAIS English Olympiad 2023

Steps to apply for IAIS English 2023 Registration are given below.

For Schools:

  • Visit the official website

  • Find the contact details for the ICAS assessment on the Macmillan website.

  • Contact them and request the school enrollment form and student IAIS English 2023 registration forms.

  • Fill all the details on the school enrollment forms such as school name, address, contact details, website, and distribute the student registration form for students to fill details such as student’s name, class, exams appearing, contact details, etc.

  • Collect the filled student IAIS English 2023 registration from all students along with the payment depending on the number of exams the student is writing.

  • Scan the documents and send the soft copies of the school and student IAIS English 2023 registration forms to Macmillan.

  • Pay the required amount to Macmillan Education India.

For Individuals:

ICAS/ IAIS does not allow and encourage individual participation and only allows students to write the exam only via their school.

IAIS English 2023 Registration Details

Given below are the details to fill the registration form for the students.

IAIS English Registration Form Details

Details Asked

What to Fill

Candidate’s name

First and last name

Father’s name

Father’s first and last name

Online exam appearing for

Name of Olympiad

Studying in

Class of the students

Contact details

Phone number

Mode of Payment and Details

Macmillan foundation will collect money from each school. Coordinating teachers can collect the fees according to the number of exams each student is writing and then pay the whole amount when Macmillan sends their representative to the school.

The fee is non-refundable i.e. once the fee is paid it cannot be reverted and also can not be transferred to any other exam.

Eligibility Criteria for IAIS English 2023 Registration

The eligibility criteria for International Assessment for Indian School is as given:

  • Only students who belong to top participating schools can take part in the English exam.

  • You must be from a participating school that should be affiliated to either ICSE, CBSE, and State Board. You should be a student of any class from 2 to 12.

Note: Since IAIS Foundation does not encourage and permit individual participation, a minimum of 10 students from every school should participate.

IAIS English 2023 Registration Instructions

  • Students are instructed to fill theIAIS English 2023 registration form carefully.

  • Students are requested to go through the IAIS English sample paper to get familiarized with the question pattern.

  • IAIS examins the different skills of a student.  

Note:  For any queries/questions on Olympiad Exams comment below

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