Syllabus & Subjects for Master of Planning [M.Plan]:

Name of Subject Topics Description

Planning History and Theory

Evolution of City Building

Planning History theories City Development and Planning Theories

This course is to study the evolution of cities and history of planning.

The socio-economic basis for Planning

Community and Settlements

Elements of Micro and Macro Economics

Development Economics and Lessons from Indian Experiences

This course is on the understanding of socio-economic issues in Urban and Regional Areas

Planning Techniques

Survey Techniques and Mapping.

Analytical Methods.

Demographic Methods.

Planning Standards.

This course focuses on the database of physical examples and helps learn the ways to plan a project.

Infrastructure and Transport Planning

Role of Infrastructure in Development.

Planning and Management of Water, Sanitation and Storm Water.

Transport Infrastructure Planning, Management and Design.

This course will help students to understand the importance and role of transport in Urban and Rural planning

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