Distance M.Ed Syllabus and Subjects

Duration: 2 Years
Avg Fees: ₹10K - 25K PA

The Distance M.Ed syllabus is divided into the yearly syllabus. This syllabus consists of in-depth knowledge about Education: Philosophical and Sociological Perspectives, Psychology of Learning and Teaching, Educational Management, Planning, finance, etc. Thus, the Distance M.Ed syllabus is for students interested in reading books, theory, creative writing, performing, novels, teaching and building solutions to various problems, and other related domains.

Semester Wise Distance M.Ed

Like any other academic degree, distance M.Ed Subjects and Syllabus teach students in classrooms through theory and practical lectures, workshops, projects, and research assignments, among other things. Distance M.Ed Subjects list consists of 4 core subjects compulsory in the postgraduate degree course. The Distance M.Ed course is designed semester-wise, and the course curriculum comprises four parts: foundation, core, electives, and research projects. The syllabus for Distance M.Ed specialized wise are:

M.Ed First Year Syllabus

Semester I

Semester II

Education: Philosophical and Sociological Perspectives (6 Credits)

Teacher Education in India: Growth and Development (6 Credits)

Psychology of Learning and Teaching (6 Credits)

Educational and Vocational Guidance and Counselling (6 Credits)

Educational Management, Planning, and Finance (6 Credits)

Measurement and Evaluation in Education (6 Credits)

Methodology of Educational Research (6 Credits)


M.Ed Second Year Syllabus

Semester III

Semester IV

Comparative Education: National and International Perspectives (6 Credits)

Dissertation (Compulsory) (12 Credits)

Educational Technology (6 Credits)

Elementary Education. (6 Credits)

Curriculum Development and Transaction (6 Credits)

Information Technology and Education (6 Credits)

Open and Distance Learning Systems (6 Credits)

Special Needs Education (6 Credits)

Vocational Education (6 Credits)


The Distance M.Ed Subjects

All Distance M.Ed subjects are taught in different specialization courses, which help students understand the knowledge and pursue a better Master's degree. The Distance M.Ed subjects like literature, history, fine arts, sociology, teaching, physical education, etc. taught in the course curriculum of The Distance M.Ed. are necessary for the graduates to expand their knowledge in the theoretical and practical aspects, which will be beneficial for them to get a better scope in jobs in India and abroad on behalf of their skills. 

Core Subjects:

  • Educational Psychology
  • Education: Philosophical and Sociological Perspectives
  • Psychology of Learning and Teaching
  • Educational Management, Planning, and Finance

Electives Subjects

  • Communication and Expository Writing
  • Self-Development

The Distance M.Ed Course Structure

The Distance M.Ed syllabus and course curriculum is structured into two categories, namely core and practical subjects. The course for the curriculum has been divided into yearly semesters. Some of the Distance M.Ed course details are:

  • IV Semesters
  • Core and Practical subjects
  • Projects/Assignments
  • Dissertation

The Distance M.Ed Teaching Methodology and Techniques

The Distance M.Ed degree course curriculum includes various teaching methods and techniques that help students understand multiple topics taught in their classes. Some of the different teaching methodologies and techniques adopted in the course curriculum of The Distance M.Ed degree course are as follows:

  • Live Demo Sessions
  • The emphasis of Practical and Theoretical Learning
  • Guest Lectures, Seminars, and Workshop
  • Group Assignment and Discussion
  • Learning through Industrial Visit
  • Dissertation
  • Practical Development

The Distance M.Ed Projects

Project Topics for the Distance M.Ed is an amazing resource opportunity for students from arts and literature backgrounds and masters (Ph.D./MA) looking to complete a ground-breaking career. Students pursuing The Distance M.Ed project topics are Education, School and Society, Learning and Teaching, Physical Education, Community Activities, etc. Some of the best project topics for Distance M.Ed is:

  • How the education system addresses the problem of teachers' shortage in public schools
  • Home-schooled kids have lesser challenges behaviorally
  • Developing programs for resolving conflicts in the education system
  • A study of portfolios and interviews as assessment methods
  • A case study of the effects of gender issues in education 

The Distance M.Ed Reference Books

Best books for Distance M.Ed help students understand various subjects and topics covered in the course curriculum. The Distance M.Ed reference books help postgraduates expand their knowledge and vision about multiple topics covered in their classes. Some of the very best Distance M.Ed books are:

The Distance M.Ed Reference Books



Encyclopedia of Bilingual Education

Josué M. González 

Encyclopedia of Education Law

Charles J. Russo  

Quality Education for All: Community-Oriented Approaches

William K. Cummings, H. Dean Nielsen

World Education Encyclopedia: A Survey of Educational System Worldwide

Rebecca Marlow-Ferguson, Chris Lopez

Distant Alliances: Gender and Education in Latin America

Nelly Stromquist, Regina Cortina 

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