Distance M.Ed Jobs, Scope, Salary in India

Duration: 2 Years
Avg Fees: ₹10K - 25K PA

A Distance M.Ed job scope in India and abroad are in high demand and a wide range for graduates to choose from. Some Distance M.Ed postgraduates can pursue various teaching, media, education, government, writing, counseling, etc. In addition, there is growth and scope for the Distance M.Ed students in various public and private sectors of reputed organizations in India and abroad.

Career Prospects And Job Scope for Distance M.Ed

The Distance M.Ed degree course has excellent career opportunities for graduates in the private and public sectors of various reputed organizations in India and abroad. Moreover, since there is a high job scope of Distance M.Ed in India for authors, actors, anchors, teachers, professors, directors, animators, the demand for Distance M.Ed jobs in India and abroad is good. Distance M.Ed course is designed to ensure that the students are able to build a rewarding career for themselves. Some of the best job vacancies for Distance M.Ed are:

  • Teacher
  • Journalist
  • Writer
  • Content Writer
  • Academic Planner
  • Content developer
  • Teacher
  • Editor/Sub-Editor
  • Reporter

Areas of Recruitment For Distance M.Ed

Distance M.Ed postgraduates are in demand for every area of recruitment, such as in education, teaching, coaching centers, publishing houses, newspaper writers, journalists, reporters, media, counseling, news, networking, and much more. Most private and public sectors of various reputed organizations working in India and abroad prefer Distance M.Ed graduates to work in India and abroad. Jobs for Distance M.Ed are in multiple fields with a perfect salary package. Some areas of recruitment for the course are:

  • Education Consultancies
  • Publishing House
  • Schools
  • Education Institutions
  • Tutorials
  • Training Academy

Salary Packages for Distance M.Ed Graduates

Distance M.Ed salary in India in public and private sectors of various reputed organizations is around INR 2LPA - 7 LPA [Source: PayScale]. Therefore, the Distance M.Ed education scope to get an excellent job with a decent salary is relatively high. However, after completing the Distance M.Ed in India, the salary can vary based on specific criteria developed by the graduates, such as a company. Some of the very best and high salary jobs for Distance M.Ed in India after the course with the best starting salary are as follows:




INR  35K

Content Writer

INR  20K


INR  70K


INR  40K

Speech Writer 


Source: Collegedunia

Government Jobs For Distance M.Ed Aspirants

A Distance M.Ed has high job priority and respect in almost every organization in the government sector. Distance M.Ed job scope in India, in the government sector for the graduates, is in a wide range and highly rewarding for the postgraduates. After the Distance M.Ed course, the salary offered to the graduates in the government sector is around INR 3.5 LPA [Source: PayScale]. Some of the very best Distance M.Ed government jobs are as follows:

Top Government Companies

Job Profiles


Tata Institute of Social Sciences

Administrative Assistant 


ASP Group of Schools

Secondary School Teacher and Primary School Teacher


DRS Educational Society



Source: Naukri

Private Jobs for Distance M.Ed Aspirants

As for jobs in the government sector, Distance M.Ed job opportunities for the private sector also hire many postgraduates. The average salary for graduates is around INR 4 LPA [Source: Naukri]. According to experts, some examples of jobs in reputed organizations in India in the private sector where a Distance M.Ed credential is valuable.

Top Private Companies

Job Profiles


Amity University



Ad Factors






Source: Naukri

Job Opportunities Abroad For Distance M.Ed

After studying Distance M.Ed in India and abroad, job opportunities are vast and good numbers for the graduates to choose from. Some of the very best Distance M.Ed salary packages with better jobs are Journalist, Academic Planner, School Principal, Academic Head, Administrative Officer, Academic Admin, Education Consultant, Academic Consell, and Academic Dean.

Top Companies

Check the list below for the top international companies who hire Distance M.Ed students:

  • Microsoft
  • Edmentum
  • GCU
  • Inc
  • Newsela
  • Kaplan
  • Pearson
  • Strayer University
  • Walden University
  • Accenture
  • HR International
  • ACA
  • NIST
  • News Corp
  • ITI
  • IPA

Best Countries

Below is the list of some of the best countries in the world which offer job opportunities to Distance M.Ed are: 

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • India
  • USA
  • Singapore
  • United Kingdom
  • Belgium
  • Italy
  • France
  • Africa
  • Germany

Various Career Designations Abroad for Distance M.Ed Students

There is a good career improvement for the job scope of Distance M.Ed in India. Immediately after completing their degree, along with a decent annual salary package, students can work abroad. Some of the very best jobs offered to the postgraduates for Distance M.Ed to work abroad are:

  • Reporter
  • High School Teacher
  • Academic Planner
  • School Principal
  • Academic Head
  • Administrative Officer
  • Education Consultant

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