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Sambhram Group of Institutions, [SGI] Bangalore Infrastructure Details

Infrastructure Facilities at Sambhram Institute of Technology [SAIT]:

Digital Library and Internet:

  • The library at SGI has a fine collection of technical books and more than one hundred national and international journals.
  • The library is open for 12 hours between 8 am to 8 pm.
  • They have a fully computerised library.
  • They can search for books and information at all times.


  • SGI campus has a high-speed leased internet connectivity.
  • The students can access the internet  24/7.
  • The entire SGI campus is facilitated with WiFi.
  • The students can gain access to the digital library.
  • There are hundreds of e-journals and digitized technical books that the students can gain access to.

Sports and Games:

  • SGI provides facilities such as a gymnasium and indoor sports room to the students.
  • They have an open sports field and concrete basketball court.

Hostel Facilities:

  • SGI provides separate hostel facilities for boys and girls.
  • They provide furnished rooms, hygienic, nutritious and timely food and water.
  • The international students are given special accommodation.

Infrastructure Facilities at Sambhram Academy of Management Studies [SAMS]:

  • SAIT has a green campus.
  • Classrooms with state of the art technology.
  • Amphitheatre classrooms.
  • R&D Labs
  • Fitness Centre

Infrastructure Facilities at Sambhram College of Hotel Management [SCHM]:

  • Full fledged training kitchen
  • Bakery-cum-confectionery training lab
  • Training restaurant-cum-mock bar
  • Model guest room with well equipped and Modern Fittings
  • Housekeeping Workshop
  • Linen-cum-laundry room
  • Front Office
  • Back Office
  • Computer Lab 
  • Internet Facilities

Infrastructure Facilities at Sambhram Institute of Medical Sciences and Research [SIMSAR]:

Teaching Hospital:

  • They have separate OPD facilities for males and females examination rooms.
  • Students of all departments such as General Medicine, General Surgery, Orthopedics, OBG, Pediatrics, Ophthalmology, Psychiatry, E.N.T., TBCD, Dermatology, and Psychiatry practice here.
  • The students' can interact with patients and gain first-hand experiences.
  • The beds are distributed among the different departments.

Lecture Halls:

  • The SIMSAR classrooms are fully air conditioned with the state of the art facilities.
  • Each classroom can accommodate up to 180 classrooms.
  • They have advanced technology equipment such as LCD projectors, slide projectors, Microphones.
  • They have spaces for Seminar Rooms/Demonstration Rooms with a capacity of 20 to 30 and are equipped with audio-visual aids.
  • All the lecture hall have a connection to LAN.
  • Live recording of the lectures can be taken with Digital IP cameras.
  • This gives a provision to e-learning.
  • These halls can have multi-purpose uses such as for conducting internal and university exams.
  • The lecture halls are equipped with the surveillance system.

Departmental Museums: 

Anatomy Museum:

  • The anatomy museum at SIMSAR displays both wet and dry specimens and embryology.
  • They have facilities such as Models, ski grams, CT scans, MRIs, X-ray view boxes.
  • Up to 35 students can be accommodated in the museum.
  • There are two attached rooms 15 each for the preparation of models, specimens. 

Forensic Medicine and Toxicology Museum:

  • The FMT Museum displays medico-legal specimen charts, models, prototype fire arms, wax models, slides, poisons, photographs, etc.
  • They have labelled specimens, charts and models.
  • The Autopsy can accommodate up to 40 students.
  • They have facilities such as cold storage, cadavers, ante-rooms, washing facilities, waiting hall and office.
  • The department of pathology has Mortuary and autopsy rooms.

Community Medicine Museum:

  • The community medicine museum displays models, charts, Specimens and other material concerning communicable diseases, Community Health, Family Welfare planning, Biostatics, Sociology, National Health Programs, Environmental Sanitation and etc.

Demo Rooms:

  • Each department in SIMSAR has two separate demonstration rooms.
  • They have 60 sp. mt. spaciously designed and furnished rooms.
  • They can accommodate up to 100 students.
  • The rooms are equipped with overhead Projectors, Slide Projectors, Televisions, Video and audio visual aids.

Labs Under Anatomy Department:

Dissection Hall:

  • The dissection hall can accommodate up to 150 students.
  • They have separate ante-room for students and locker rooms for boys and girls.
  • The halls have specialised teaching aids such as audio-visual aids.
  • They also have embalming room, storage tanks with dead bodies and cold storage.

Histology Laboratory:

  • The histology laboratory is furnished with water taps, sinks, cupboards for microscope storage and electric points.
  • It can accommodate up to 90 students.
  • They also have preparation room for technicians and storage of equipment.

Labs Under Physiology Department:

Amphibian Laboratory:

  • The amphibian laboratory includes work tables, stainless steel wash basin, drawer and cupboard, electric point and with fire/steam proof top. 
  • They also have a separate preparation room.

Mammalian Laboratory:

  • Mammalian laboratory is equipped with fire/steam proof top and operating light.
  • They also are attached with equipment such as instrument rack and large size wash-basins and cupboards for storing.
  • They also have a separate preparation room.

Human Laboratory:

  • The human laboratory is furnished with continuous working tables and stainless steel wash basin.
  • Each table in the lab has one drawer and one cupboard, an electric point and with fire/steam proof top.
  • Each table has a light source.
  • They also have a separate preparation room.
  • There is also a clinical physiology laboratory with ten tables with mattresses and adjustable hand-end.

Labs Under Bio-Chemistry Department:

  • The biochemistry lab is equipped with working tables, separate seating arrangements and fitted with shelves and cupboards, water taps, sinks, electric and gas connections.
  • They can accommodate up to 90 students.
  • They have equipment such as ante room for technicians, stores, preparation room, balance and distillation apparatus.

Research Labs:

  • Each department in SIMSAR has their own research lab.
  • They provide medical aid for the eradication of diseases and improvement of health among the poor public.

Central Library:

  • SIMSAR has a fully air conditioned 1901 sq, ft. library.
  • They can accommodate up to 300 students.
  • They are subscribed to several national and international journals.
  • They have reference books and text books for all subjects.
  • They have computer lab within the library, with high-speed internet facility.
  • It is made available to the students 24/7.
  • The students can refer to international author books and other reference materials through the e-library facility.
  • Pre-Clinical - 2006 Books
  • Para-Clinical - 1238 Books
  • Clinical Books - 811 Books              
  • National Journals - 20 
  • International Journals - 9 

Departmental Library:

  • All the departments have their own individual library.
  • They also have their own seminar hall as well.
  • These libraries are equipped with books for lecture preparations and references.

Rural Health Training Centre: 

  • The rural health training centre is located with 15 km radius.
  • Residential arrangements are made for boys, girls and interns. 
  • They provide mess facilities to all students.
  • College buses are available to both the students and the faculty.

Animal House:

  • The Department of Pharmacology of SIMSAR maintains the animal house.
  • Experimental work on animals is also demonstrated by Computer Aided Education.


  • SIMSAR provides separate hostel facilities to boys and girls.
  • The students have an option of AC/Non AC rooms.
  • They provide hygienic food to the students.
  • They have facilities such as internet connectivity, study rooms, and TV rooms.


  • The cafeteria at SIMSAR  serves hygienic food at reasonable prices.
  • They serve a wide variety of food.
  • They can accommodate up to 300 students.
  • There are separate kitchens for cooking vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.
  • The cafeteria is open on all days of the week.

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