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Reviews on Infra/Hostels of RNS Institute of Technology, [RNSIT] Bangalore

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] Reviews

Bachelor of Engineering [BE] (Electronics & Communication Engineering), batch of 2020

There are 3 hostels in RNSIT (2 for boys and 1 for girls). Hostel fees currently are around INR  40k per year for accommodation and mess fees comes around INR 3500 per month. The MBA department is most engaging and good for higher studies as fas I have known. There is a students committee for food in the hostel. So, its the students who decide the menu which helps maintain good menu. Classrooms are quite spacious and most of them have projectors installed. The library is nice here and the best place to study away from chaos.

Bachelor of Engineering [BE] (Information Science & Engineering), batch of 2017

In our campus, there are two hostels one for boys another for girls.Hostel quality is also good and they also do some cultural activities in the hostel.the hostel fee is 5.5(INR)k per month. PGs also there in outside of our college its very near to college they will charge 5k per month. College food was good and weekly once they provide sweets, chats etc.. per meals they charging 30rs. All is well except Wi-Fi, in our college they will not provide Wi-Fi to students.

Bachelor of Engineering [BE] (Electronics & Communication Engineering), batch of 2020
  • There are 3 hostels. 1 for first-year boys, another for 2nd, 3rd and 4th-year boys. And another for girls.
  • A lot of PGs are available just outside the gate of the college, though. And for a reasonable price as well.
  • Mess food is good but veg. Hostel fees are Rs 37000 per year and mess fees is Rs 3,3000 per month. But there is no wi-fi in 1st-year hostel. No TV either.
  • College infrastructure is good (classrooms, labs and library). College infrastructure is good (classrooms, labs and library). 

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Master of Business Administration [MBA] Reviews

Post Graduate Programme in Management [PGPM], batch of 2016
  • RNS Institute of Technology  infrastructure is good and fully equipped with every facilities which a student requires like Libraries, Internet, Communication Lab, Audio-Visual Facilities, Conference, Lecture Hall & Tutorial Rooms, Hygienic Canteen, Photostat, stationery shop, Recreational Centre, Hostel for boys and girls with mess, Transport facilities, Medical Aid, Sports, Separate common rooms for boys and girls

Master of Business Administration [MBA], batch of 2019

There are enough hostel for students There are some u PGs outside which anyone can afford Food in college is not that good Classroom and labs are fantastic

Master of Business Administration [MBA], batch of 2019

There are seperate hostels for boys and girls. Management charges 40 rs per meal. Management is excellent but way too strict.

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Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Reviews

Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] (Computer Applications), batch of 2017

It has good infrastructure and it is a great place to study. They have the seperate block for every department. College surrounding is covered with plants and trees.

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Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] Reviews

Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA], batch of 2019
  • The quality of classroom are very good, almost all the facility is available at RNS Insititute Technology.

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RNS Institute of Technology, [RNSIT] Bangalore Infrastructure Details

Facilities at RNS Institute of Technology, [RNSIT] Bangalore

RNSIT Library and Information Centre:

  • RNSIT Library was established during the year 2001 with a collection of 2000 volumes of books. Within a span of 10 years it has grown with a collection of over 26,341 volumes, 80 Journals, 18 Magazines and 11 News papers.
  • RNSIT Library is an automated Library. Books are Bar Coded and students are issued an identity card to transact with the library facilities. Each student will be issued 3 books during regular time and 4 Books are issued during their exams. Journals and Magazines are available to support and enhance their specialization.
  • Both Indian and foreign journals are being subscribed. Our library has been subscribed to the IEEE – IEL Online through INDEST – AICTE Consortium by paying Rs. 4 lakhs to support library users project works, technical reports, and R & D works.

Internet Facility:

  • Presently College is having Internet speed of 30 Mbps leased line with Wi-Fi facility.


  • There is an extension Counter of Canara Bank in the college premises for providing banking facilities to the Students and Staff members.
  • The bank is an extension counter of Banashankari Branch. The bank functions six days a week.


  • The College has a Canteen inside the campus in which both South Indian and North Indian dishes are available at reasonable rates.
  • The canteen remains open on all working days. Beverages of different flavours are served on different days according to different seasons.
  • A committee consisting of staff, students and trustees oversee the functioning of the canteen and its upkeep.


  • The College has presently two Boys and one Girls Hostel.
  • These hostels accommodate around 530 boys and 300 girls boarders.
  • Day to day affairs of hostels are managed by respective Wardens.
  • There is also a Hostel Committee to help in taking policy decisions.
  • Yoga and Meditation classes are held for both boys and girls in the early morning, on alternate days.
  • Accommodation is provided on a sharing basis. Rooms with basic furniture like cot, table and chair are provided. Bed-rolls, linen etc. have to be brought by the students themselves. Strict discipline is maintained in the hostels. Late night entry, leaving hostel without permission are not allowed.
  • Smoking and drinking in hostel premises is totally prohibited.
  • Entry of unauthorised persons is prohibited.
  • Hostel mess serves vegetarian food, the menu prepared by the boarders of the hostel itself. Various sports and Cultural Activities, along with regular academic work, is carried out for the benefit of the boarders.
  • There is a well equipped guest room for parents and guests in the hostel premises.
  • Along with Libray facilities, separate Browsing center is also provided for the boarders to surf the net and avail the internet facility till midnight.


  • The College owns a fleet of 10 buses & 1 van to meet the transportation requirements.
  • The list of routes through which the buses ply on working days is given below. Our RNSIT Drivers names starting from left to right Basavaraj, Chandregowda, Nagaraj, Ramesh, Thimmegowda,Mahadeva, Byrappa, Krishnappa, Ravindra & Srikanta Murthy.

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