Ram Lubhai Sahani, Government Mahila Degree College, [RLSGMDC] Pilibhit - Hostels and Facilities

Ram Lubhai Sahani, Government Mahila Degree College, [RLSGMDC] Pilibhit Infrastructure Details

Facilities :-


The College has a well stacked library catering to the needs of the students and faculty. The library has 6004 textbooks, reference and other general titles. Library also has reading room facilities. The following Research Journals/Periodicals/General magazines/Newspapers are subscribed in the library at present.

National Service Scheme 

With a view to expose the young students to a practical experience of the social setup and problems of the society and to develop feeling of oneness among all students and to convey the concept of values of the society to the students and to make them identify their roles in the society particularly with respect to sanitation, health and hygiene, environmental awareness, importance of education particularly with respect to literacy mission, social evils like dowry, drug addiction, national communicable diseases eradication programmes of leprosy, polio, etc., importance of blood donation and organ (eye) donation, integration of their subject knowledge according to the needs of society and to form a harmonious relationship with all members of the society, the College has two units of National Service Scheme (NSS). Each unit has 100 students. Each unit organizes one 7 days special camp besides four 1 day camps and other activities.


College has one unit of Rangers, named Rani Lakshmi Bai Ranger Team, which in association with Bharat Scout and Guide conducts its various activities. This provides the young students an opportunity to learn and enjoy the importance of discipline and service to the various aspects of social life and to inculcate among themselves the feeling of good physical fitness and also convey the same to other members of society. A five day special camp is organized every year in October/November.

Computer Lab/Ugc-Network Resource Centre 

There is a computer laboratory which has ten computers with 10 broadband VPN connections. The facility of NRC is open to all faculty members and final year students of undergraduate courses and all post-graduate students at present.

Sports & Games 

There is an Indoor Games Facility which houses a 3-in-1 Jogger, an Exercising Bicycle and facilities for Carroms, Chess, Table Tennis. Outdoor facilities for Badminton, Kho-Kho, athletics are also available. The College regularly sends its team to Inter-collegiate athletics championship in different events. An annual sports meet is organized every year apart from the various indoor games competitions at college level.

Other Co-Curricular Activities 

Many other activities such as debates, speech competitions, flower decoration, rangoli making, poster making competitions, essay writing competitions, G.K. quiz, and cultural events are organized from time to time for the students. 
Annual College Magazine “Surabhi” is also brought out. Besides, two wall magazines “The Wizard” and“VIBGYOR” of Commerce and Science faculties respectively, have also been started where students and faculty members can contribute original and informative articles, clippings from newspapers/magazines and other collected pieces of information.

Ignou Study Centre 

There is a regular study centre of IGNOU established in March 2005, which offers the following courses run by IGNOU –

  1. P.P. (Bachelor Preparatory Programme)
  2. A. (Bachelor of Arts)
  3. E.C.E. (Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education)
  4. F.N. (Certificate in Food and Nutrition)
  5. N.C.C. (Certificate in Nutrition and Child Care)

Parent- Teacher & Alumni Associations

The College seeks the valuable advice of the parents through meetings of Parents/Guardians and the Teachers, organized by the College. 
An alumni association has also been formed with a view to provide the old students a platform to interact among themselves and also to give their valuable feedback to the college to help it achieve new heights.

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