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Bachelor of Design [B.Des], batch of 2022

We have different clubs and association in college I don't know much about it We have our own college fest that' is spectrum and it's awesome, we celebrate all the festival in college Life in NIFT is a mixture of fun, stress, depression, everything...but it's a whole new level of excitement...


There are three hostels that are fresher's, junior and senior hostel and it around 50k per year There is pg outside college a bit distance from college and there is only girl's hostel There is a mess in our college but food sucks. It not to good at all Classroom is campus is awesome and everything is good out here


We have lots of assignment and regular classes from 9-5 every day, we have a jury, not exams really Teaching is good overall but u say that being in nift it's not spoon feeding you have to work hard, very hard learn of your own most of the time My experience was great till now.


National Institute of Fashion Technology, [NIFT] Hyderabad Fee Structure. The fee for my course is Rs 10 lakh for 4 years. Scholarships are available for the students who have certain problems or financial condition 20 approx people get scholarship from per batch If you're financially good then it's not needed but if you have the financial condition then yes you need loan and union bank can be an option as it's attached to NIFT.


No yet as I'm still a student in NIFT but yes we I have seen many seniors doing internships and some of them do get stipend and regarding companies placements I don't know much about it but yes placements are ok but can be available more as we spend a lot in the college so at least expect a minimum of 8 lac per annum.


First of all, to get in NIFT we have to fill up the form which generally comes in the month of October every year and we have to be at least 10+2 passed for the exam. For the entrance test, we have three phases to get in nift, first of all, we have to give Cat that is creative ability test and gat general ability test in this will be asked about some questions to draw and its of 100 marks and then we will have a general ability test in which it's asked about current affairs, reasoning, English etc,the basic,and this exam is generally happened during jan-feb of every year and the result for the first phase will come during March and we will get selected if you have given your exam nicely then will go for the second test that is situation test and in this we will have material and they give us some topic to make the model and the write up part time given is less you have to be Abit fast and after this test our both the test marks are calculated and total marks are given outof 100 and you will have your own common merit rank and category rank which helps you in counselling where you will be called according to your rank and you allowed to choose centre and department according to availability.

B Design, batch of 2015
  • One is bound to find social diversity in National Institute of Fashion Technology campus. Students come from various parts of the country and the diversity is a treat to the eyes.
  • There are great tolerance and acceptance with regards to different ethnicity, race, religion.
  • By the end of four years, the 30 students in your class become your family. The atmosphere of the college is very friendly and warm.
  • There are strict rules regarding ragging, alcohol and substance abuse.
  • Life around campus is pretty happening. From a variety of restaurants, clubs, bars and events happening around Hyderabad. 

  • Extracurricular activities are less in comparison to other colleges at National Institute of Fashion Technology, mostly because of the workload.
  • Nonetheless we have different clubs such as Dramatics, Sports, Literary and regular competitions and events.
  • NIFT students are regular participants in fests and events of other colleges. NIFT Spectrum held in the month of February is the official fest of the college. Other colleges are also invited and various events including fashion shows are held. It is a two-day event.
  • Converge is an annual inter-NIFT in which students from all centres of NIFT participate in various sports, dramatics and quizzing events.
  • NIFT Hyderabad has won the trophy several times and has hosted the event as well.

  • Dual Degree with Fashion Institute of Fashion Technology (FIT), New York: In a landmark achievement and first of its kind, NIFT has entered into an agreement for Dual Degree with FIT.
  • Henceforth the selected students from NIFT would be a recipient of a Dual Degree from two premier fashion education institutes.
  • As per the arrangement, the bachelor student shall study two years at NIFT followed by one year at FIT and a graduating year at NIFT for an award of dual degrees. 

  • Bank loans are available for students for the education.
  • A lot of subsidies are provided to students coming from different social and economic backgrounds at National Institute of Fashion Technology. 

  • At the end of the 6th semester, students are required to take a summer internship under the desired designer or import/export house at National Institute of Fashion Technology.
  • The college helps in finding the internship. The duration of the internship is 2 months and it gives students the necessary exposure of the industry work culture.
  • At the end of the fourth year, there are on-campus placements and students allowed to travel to any centre of NIFT (Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai) and sit for job interviews.
  • Although off-campus search is always recommended. 

  • Hyderabad is the one only campus of all NIFT(s) that provides with a four-year on-campus hostel for girls. For boys accommodation is easy to find nearby since the location of the campus is student-friendly.
  • The mess is accessible to all which serves breakfast from 7 am to 11:30 am. Lunch from 12 to 3 pm, evening snacks from 4 to 7 pm and dinner till 10 pm.
  • There is a confectionery outside the mess which serves light snacks such as chips, sandwiches and juices.
  • For those who don't enjoy the campus food. Restaurants like Pizza Hut, Dominoes and KFC are at a walking distance. There are also pocket-friendly dhabas and dining restaurants.

  • Labs are equipped with necessary machines, dress forms and boards to work on at National Institute of Fashion Technology.
  • Labs are open till 8 to 9 pm for students to finish their work but raw material such as fabric, stationery is at the student's expense. These costs are a must to keep in mind before joining NIFT.
  • The classes are spacious and the campus is beautiful.
  • The Resource Center (Library) is a treat to fashion readers. It has all relevant books and journals.
  • Magazines, biographies and design references alongside desktops for students to access the internet at the centre.
  • NIFT Hyderabad has a huge field, a basketball court, TT and badminton area.

  • Fashion Design at the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Hyderabad is a one it's kind course. The course duration is four years. The first year constitutes of the Foundation Programme in which students from all disciplines are taught the basics of design. The next six semesters are focused on apparel design and aesthetics. Contrary to popular belief, fashion design at NIFT is a LOT of work.
  • We have 10 subjects each semester with classes that start from 9 is to 6 pm in the evening. If a workload is not an issue and you're really passionate about going in the field of apparel design then the course is brilliant.
  • We are taught the basics of stitching, fashion illustrating, pattern making, draping and design history.
  • Alongside design subjects; a variety of important modules like marketing, merchandising and business development is also taught.
  • We have internal submissions, midterm submissions and end term exams/ submissions.
  • At the end of the 4th semester, the students are taken to different villages of Andhra/ Telangana in the summer to study the traditional art and craft of the particular village. It is a 20-day report making the programme.
  • At the end of the 6th semester, students are required to take a summer internship under a desired designer or import/export house.
  • The college helps in finding the same In the 7th semester, we have a choice to select 2 electives out of the given four and one electives that are offered by other departments.
  • In the 8th-semester, students work on their final design collection, with a fashion show that happens in May.
  • The professors are best at what they do, and over the course, you'll find them to be extremely approachable.
  • Although methods of learning are strict, i.e Attendance is a major issue, submissions and deadlines are frequent and not very flexible; the content and knowledge of what we learn in 4 years are outstanding.
  • Being a fourth-year student I am confident of going into any clothing line and other disciplines like Fashion styling, Fashion Photography, Visual Merchandising, Fashion Management, Design Forecasting.