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Mohamed Sathak Engineering College, Ramanathapuram Infrastructure Details


A vibrant learning experience is about more than just classroom sessions. Guest lectures, symposia, seminars and conferences expose students to key insights, new ideas and a chance to engage with peers and experts in discussion and debate. Our 3000-seater auditorium facilitates this free interplay of ideas. Air conditioned and equipped with modern equipment such as multimedia projectors and high quality sound systems, it has large lobbies and verandahs, which are ideal venues for conferences and exhibitions. Many dignitaries have graced this imposing edifice, the most prominent being the then President of India, His Excellency, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. With a growing number of seminars and symposia being held across disciplines, each department also has its own fully-equipped, capacious seminar hall.


The College library is located in a spacious new building of 9000 Sq. ft. The library is open to students and staff members from 8.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. on all working days. The library has a rich collection of around 90,100 volumes of text books, reference books, national and international journals in all branches of Engineering, Science, Technology, Management and General Studies, and the collection is ever increasing. The books are classified according to Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme. Open access system is followed in the library.

Transport Facility

When the College started functioning in the campus at Kilakarai in 1984, the management decided to provide transportation between various parts of Ramanathapuram and the College. Initially five buses started operating between the college and the city. As the number of courses offered increased, the total strength of the college also increased and now 30 buses are operating from various parts of Ramanathapuram District to the college.
Transport is also provided for sports, library, laboratory and late evening classes. Buses are operated on Saturdays and Sundays for special classes, NCC, Sports, etc. On special occasions, buses are utilised for industrial visits and social service activities. 

Ship in Campus

MSEC had reached a new height with the commissioning of unique all structure based ship-in campus at its campus in Kilakarai.

The project worth over 10 Crore Rupees has inducted with a team of inhouse experts as well as from outside industry with the procuring of a large number of the ship’s machinery and equipment. The Ship in Campus module is meant for training of the maritime candidates with an aim of providing them with an environment as close to the actual conditions, which the candidates will encounter during their service on board a ship.

Student Hostel

Boys Hostel

Morethan 800 boys students are staying in 3 boys hostels in congenial atmosphere. Playgrounds for all games and sports are cited near boys' hostel.


In both Hostels Residential Wardens from different departments are posted who monitor the students during study hours and help them in acheiving their useful needs.

Ladies Hostel

Morethan 300 girl students are staying in the Ladies Hostel in a most disciplined manner. Our girls' students residing in our Girls Hostel feel comfortable at the homely atmosphere where they have fully furnished Play Grounds.

This is the only Ladies Hostel in the entire South Tamilnadu which is having a seperate gated hostel campus with in-build ground facility.


Clinics / Dispensar is attached to each hostel (Boys & Girls) where well qualified doctor with MD qualification are present in the hostel during visiting time. Moreover college provide vehicle for the students for going to Hospital whenever it is required.


The college is equipped with a fully functional vegetarian canteen to serve hygienically prepared food to the staff and students. A subsidized mess is also operative in the campus. A separate mess for boys has been provided

WIFI Campus

Our students will to be among the first generations of Indians to work in a completely connected environment. We prepare them for the digital era with access to a wireless network (Wi-Fi) across the campus, in addition to traditional wired internet, intranet and mail access.

The Wi-Fi network covers classrooms as well as common areas. This means that students can access online learning materials and resources whether they’re relaxing outside the classrooms, participating in activities in the auditorium or sports complex, or back in their own hostel room.

Our Wi-Fi facility has become an exemplar for other institutions and several delegations have been sent to study our Wi-Fi setup and implementation

We give free internet access to our students. We have a dedicated 50 Mbps 1:1 leased line internet connectivity. We also have a 5 Mbps BSNL 1:1 internet connectivity for Hostels. The internet can be accessed from more than 2500 computers. All the departments and the HODs have internet connectivity. The campus intranet has important details about Test Schedules, Time Tables, Examination Schedules, Campus News etc., and a wealth of information about the college.


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