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Bachelor of Management Studies [BMS], batch of 2019

Quality good . method was good.no experience . i don't know routing beacuse i am not learning their


I don't know about that .i am not learning theirs. I don't know life in college in general. 

About KV Pendharkar College of Arts Science and Commerce, [KVPCASC] Thane

The Trust

Dombivli, the city in Thane district of Maharashtra retains a distinct identity of its own and occupies a significant position in the socio cultural map of the region. The town is well known for its high literacy rate. It is the third most literate cities of India. It has been the centre for a series of socio cultural and literary movements and activities. There are about hundred pre-primary, primary and secondary schools, a score of Junior Colleges, few technical institutions and half a dozen Degree Colleges.

But some thirty years ago, the educational environment of the city presented a different picture. Students from Dombivli and surrounding rural areas had to take admission in the colleges of Thane and Mumbai. Travelling by heavily crowded local train was laborious, time consuming and risky. Many youth could not obtain higher education due to lack of colleges in the neighborhood.

Under this background, the Dombivli Shikshan Prasarak Mandal was established in 1972 by some elite citizens of Dombivli from different fields who realized the need for the college in the city. All members of the Mandal were well qualified, reputed in their own fields and dedicated to the cause of education and upliftment of society. They were aware of the role of institutions of higher education and took up the mission of providing education to students and converting them into responsible citizens of the nation.

Mission Statement

  • “To Provide Facilities for Higher Education.

  •  To Develop the Spirit of Enquiry and A Scientific Interdisciplinary Approach.

  •  To Create Sensitivity to Contemporary Socio Political and National Issues.

  •  To Promote Awareness of National Heritage.

  •  To Inculcate Respect for Human Values.”

  • To help students master a particular subject or related subjects in which they have aptitude or interest. To provide them updated information on these areas.

  • To enable students excel in their specific areas of interest and achieve their goals.

  • Help students develop language and communication skills.

  • To develop among students an interdisciplinary approach to studies.

  • To make students aware of the current trends and developments in areas such as humanities, literature, management, social sciences, science and technology.

  • To develop among students professional, managerial and business skills.

  • To develop scientific approach and spirit of enquiry among young people.

  • To help students employ scientific & technological knowledge for the betterment of society.

  • To help the young people develop physical prowess and evolve an attitude of team spirit through sports activities.

  • To enlighten students on ‘quality environment’ and the importance of its preservation for human survival.

  • The college strives to attain these objectives constantly through its various academic, curricular and extracurricular activities and programmes.

“O! Lord lead us from the darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge”.

This is the motto of K. V. Pendharkar College, which has been inscribed clearly on its emblem. The logo also contains a peacock with its feathers spread and a lighted lamp inside a wheel. The webbed wheel symbolizes industry, which is the backbone of the economic development of our county. The peacock is the national bird of India. It is the vehicle of the Goddess Saraswati, the deity of learning and creativity in Indian Classical mythology.

The hundreds of the eyes in the tail of the peacock represent the idea of eternal vigilance, one of the objectives of education, and the attribute of an intelligent, educated humanbeing. The Lighted lamp stands for the spread of knowledge in all directions. Thus, both the peacock and the lamp express clearly the mission and the motto of K. V. Pendharkar college, that is, the imparting of knowledge to all irrespective of caste and creed. The Mandal has worked ceaselessly on this mission and has created an enviable record in the domain of education in the town of Dombivli.


  • Books- 6000

  • Cd’s- 500

  • Journals- 90

  • Bound Volumes- 900


The College has taken a keen interest in activities related to sports, as this aspect is vital in the overall development of a student at his / her young age. The name of our college has appeared in the Merit list for sports in the University of Mumbai.

Academic Facilities- Institute has spacious classrooms with adequate furniture, well-established science lab, educational technology lab, and psychology lab, conference room, library ,well equipped H

Placement Cell

The placement cell of the college is very active, helping the students in a proactive way. It functions throughout the year. Usually the first half of the academic year the cell is busy placing the successful students of previous academic year while the second half through the summer vacation it helps placing the current year students.

The cell is managed by a committee of faculties selected from different streams and is chaired by a senior faculty. The placement cell is presently headed by Prof. B. T. Mukherj

Fee Concessions

Fee Concessions for Reserved category students.

Deferred Fee Payment

Facility of Deferred Payment of fees to needy students.


Computer labs

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