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Jain University, Bangalore Scholarships

Scholarships at Jain University, Bangalore

  • Jain University, Bangalore provides various scholarships.
  • The applications for availing scholarship is available in the university admissions office.
  • The student cannot avail of more than one scholarship.
  • The application forms must be duly filled and submitted.
  • Jain University shortlists the students based on merit.
  • The application for the scholarship must be submitted before the application deadline.

Eligibility Criteria

  • To be eligible for scholarships at Jain University, it is mandatory for candidates to have first-class marks in the qualifying exams.
  • All the scholarships are awarded to Indian Nationality Students.
  • Year-wise performance is evaluated for the continuation of the scholarship.
Scholarship Category
Medha  Academics
Ekalavaya  Sports
Natyaswara  Dance
Atharva  Literary
Dyumna  Specially Challenged
Samasti  Community Service

The scholarship scheme for the following category is a minimum of INR 25,000. The categories are as follows-

Category Criteria
Defence / Police Scholarship The applicants whose parents are serving in defence or police forces
Sport's Scholarship
The students must play any sports at the state level
Must secure at least 60% marks in entrance exams.
7 sister scholarship Students from the northeast like Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur can apply for the scholarship.
Above 9.5/ 9.0-9.49 CGPA The student must have scored at least 85% in-state/CBNSE/ICSE
CET/COMEDK The candidate must score between 1-2,500 rank or 60% up.

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What is the process for a Scholarship application?

Asked By: Anonymous 12 May 2017


Scholarship Application Process:

  • Scholarship applicants can obtain Scholarship Application form from Jain University Admissions Office
  • A student may apply for a scholarship in any ONE of the scholarship categories listed. No student may hold more than ONE scholarship
  • Duly filled scholarship application form should be submitted at the Jain University Admissions Office
  • Consideration will be given to applications that meet the eligibility criteria for each scholarship category provided the application is received before the specified deadline
  • Applications for Academic Achievement Scholarships received after the deadline will not be considered
  • Applications will be ranked on the basis of the merit

Scholarship Selection Process:

All applications received under academics, sports, literary, music & dance, specially challenged, community service categories will be scrutinized and presented to the University Scholarship Committee. Selected students will receive a Scholarship Offer Letter along with a Scholarship Acceptance Form.
Students must accept or decline their scholarship within the time frame indicated on the Scholarship Acceptance Form. Failure to do so will render the scholarship offer invalid and the scholarship will no longer be available.

Scholarship Distribution Process:

After a student accepts his / her scholarship offer, the Jain University Scholarship Committee will intimate the date, time and venue of awarding the scholarship.

Answer By: Getmyuni

12 May 2017

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