IMI Bhubaneswar Infrastructure: Library, Hostel, Labs, Gym, Auditorium & Other Facilities

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Mahima Jain Mahima Jain | Jan 5, 2024
Mahima Jain
Mahima Jain

Updated on - Jan 5, 2024

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IMI Bhubaneswar infrastructure offers modern amenities to students. It is a prestigious business school that offers world-class infrastructure, including an extensive library, a hostel, a computer centre, and many other amenities.

IMI Bhubaneswar campus is spread over 16 acres. The institute is equipped with air-conditioned WiFi-enabled smart classrooms, a cafeteria and many more. Some highlighting features of the International Management Institute Bhubaneswar infrastructure are mentioned below. 


  • IMI Bhubaneswar hostel is entirely residential. 
  • In addition to encouraging collaborative learning and study outside of the classroom, the IMI Bhubaneswar hostel provides students with the opportunity to make the most of IMI resources, such as the computer labs, library, intranet and internet access.
  • The 120 single-bedded fully furnished hostel for PGDM students offers various amenities, including LAN accessibility, transport facility, 24-hour security, emergency healthcare services, uninterrupted supply of water and power, facilities for indoor and outdoor sports equipment and a gymnasium.

Executive Residence

  • The IMI Bhubaneswar infrastructure features fully furnished 60-bed executive residences with high-speed LAN connections for the Management Development Program (MDP), Faculty Development Program (FDP), and Postgraduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) students. 
  • Additionally, IMI Bhubaneswar has six training halls furnished with the latest audio-visual teaching aids.

Computer Centre

  • IMI Bhubaneswar infrastructure boasts a computer facility with a network of over 190 Wi-Fi-enabled computers.
  • All locations, including hostel rooms, MDP, the Amphitheatre library, and the canteen, have mobile computing capabilities. 
  • High-speed Internet access at 210 Mbps is available round-the-clock on campus.
  • For online classes and practice sessions, the IMI-Bhubaneswar campus features a dedicated, high-tech computer lab with 81 PCs and a language lab with 32 PCs equipped with the newest chipset and LED monitors
  • Three HP enterprise edition servers running Windows 2016 R2 are also available at the computer centre.
  • IMI Bhubaneswar facility includes two high-speed colour laser printers and thirty-one laser printers for printing tasks.
  • Modern video conferencing is available at the IMI Bhubaneswar computer centre to enable HD communication across geographical boundaries. 
  • Software for online assessments is set up on the network to handle online quizzes, online feedback, online grading, and online and biometric attendance
  • A login has been given to faculty, staff, and students so they can access the software from anywhere on the IMI Bhubaneswar campus and view the performance of their students. 
  • International Management Institute Bhubaneswar students and faculty have access to Bloomberg terminals in the library, which gives investors access to the Bloomberg Data Service. 
  • The service offers real-time financial data, news feeds, and messages and also makes it easier to place financial transactions.


  • IMI Bhubaneswar infrastructure features beautifully designed air-conditioned lecture halls and classrooms equipped with the latest audio-visual technology.
  • Four spacious, elegant classrooms that accommodate more than 72 people each.
  • Two auditoriums can accommodate 200 people each, five conference rooms can accommodate 25 people each, four tutorial/syndicate rooms can accommodate 25 people each, and a high-speed network of more than 100 computers throughout the IMI Bhubaneswar campus.
  • It has a web-based, open-source ERP system demonstration. 
  • Additionally, it offers markstrat modeling, Bloomberg Terminal, and an incubation centre.


  • IMI Bhubaneswar infrastructure offers an auditorium with world-class facilities, like multimedia DLP projectors, notebook computers with Wi-Fi and internet access, audio systems, and video recording facilities. 

Industry Oriented Labs

  • IMI Bhubaneswar campus has SAP Analytics and ERP lab.
  • It has a Bloomberg terminal for finance soft skills and an HR communication lab.


  • IMI Bhubaneswar library is spread over 6000 square feet on two floors in an air-conditioned building
  • It seeks to support the various information needs of all the students, faculty, researchers, and staff.
  • The library has more than 14,000 titles of periodicals, 13,900 books, 54 printed periodicals/magazines, and a majority of journals that are accessible online.
  • IMI Bhubaneswar Library has access to a large number of printed & digital resources and B-schools' online library resources.
  • The majority of journals are accessible online via EBSCO E-Books, EBSCO Complete, Scopus, and the Web of Science.
  • It also has online access to Harvard Business Publishing and availability of pertinent digital resources encompassing social science, computer science, economics, accounting, finance, behavioural sciences, business and management, etc.

Landscape and Aquascape

  • The IMI Bhubaneswar campus has lush, green lawns with trees and shrubs surrounding exquisite sculptures. 
  • Students and visitors can find mental peace on campus with natural beauty and freshness.
  • An eye-catching and creative arrangement of aquatic plants and stones can be found in the waterbodies and fountains with light effects.
  • The arrangements of aquatic plants and stones in the water bodies and fountains with light effects are carved aesthetically pleasing and artistic.

Mess and Cafeteria

  • IMI Bhubaneswar canteen caters to the needs of staff, faculty, MDP participants, and students' needs.
  • Furthermore, the students in the entrepreneurship club run a cooperative store called "First Right," which sells food items such as snacks and beverages in addition to necessities. Students solely run the store.


  • IMI Bhubaneswar infrastructure features an air-conditioned fitness centre that offers a variety stretching, and body-building equipment that helps participants maintain both physical and mental fitness. 
  • A few of them are the double twisters, the swift bike, the elliptical cycle, the recumbent cycle, the dumbbells and plates, the weights, the shoulder press, the leg pull, and the swift bike.

Medical Centre: IMI Bhubaneswar infrastructure offers a medical centre where the physician makes frequent trips to the campus to provide advice and medical consultations.

Sports Facilities: IMI Bhubaneswar campus offers various indoor and outdoor sports facilities like:

  • Cricket
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball 
  • Chess
  • Carrom
  • Table tennis
  • Pool
  • Foosball 

Other IMI Bhubaneswar Facilities: A few of the additional facilities offered at the International Management Institute Bhubaneswar are:

  • Conference halls
  • Amphitheatre
  • Seminar hall
  • Syndicate rooms

IMI Bhubaneswar Facilities FAQs

How big is the IMI Bhubaneswar campus?

The IMI Bhubaneswar campus spans 16 acres with modern facilities in a lush green landscape.

What are the facilities available at IMI Bhubaneswar?

IMI Bhubaneswar facility includes a hostel, a library, an incubation centre, a canteen, sports facilities, etc. Refer to the article above to know more about the IMI Bhubaneswar facilities.

Does IMI Bhubaneswar have a gym?

IMI Bhubaneswar infrastructure features a gym for fitness enthusiasts with modern equipment.

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