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Reviews on Infra/Hostels of Indian Institute of Technology, [IIT] Mandi

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] Reviews

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Computer Science and Engineering), batch of 2016
  • Each hostel has got a common room with almost every facility one can think of, TT tables, microwave, TV, etc. Currently more than 10 hostels are being used for the accommodation with 2 messes functioning. Hostels being built with updated technology and most luxurious facilities are one of the best parts of the campus.
  • Food is quite decent with daily diet costing only INR 98.
  • Classrooms are equipped with high-class equipments and provide an excellent experience. With top-notch labs of every field that is required and a well-maintained students get all kind of exposure that they need. The campus of IIT Mandi located amongst one of the most beautiful places in Hiamchal just on the banks of the river Uhl, is one of a kind. 

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Computer Science and Engineering), batch of 2017
  • There are almost 14 hostels at Indian Institute of Technology, [IIT] Mandi. Most of them provide quite a good living condition and are properly ventilated, maintaining a cool atmosphere inside the rooms. Hostel and Mess fee combines is 18,500 INR per semester.
  • Since, IIT Mandi is situated in a remote place, their is no option of PGs outside college.
  • The food mess in the college is average. However, all sorts of foods, ranging from south Indian to north Indian are cooked, the food quality is not up to the mark.
  • Classrooms, Labs, Libaries are well equipped. The internet speed averages to about 3 mbps, viz quite good.

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Electronics & Communication Engineering), batch of 2014
  • Since the campus is new, it will take some time to get good infrastructure. But during our college time, all the basic facilities has been provided.

  • Hostels were nicely built and mess food as all know how is its taste.
  • There are few hotels in mandi which provide good food but going there regularly will feel you bore.

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Indian Institute of Technology, [IIT] Mandi Infrastructure Details


IIT Mandi has a Central Library located in the main campus with a branch in the transit campus, with a growing collection of books and journals in soft and in print forms. Library operations are automated using the KOHA LMS. The Library currently houses over 13,200 books and provides access to more than 3500 e-journals. The library has also subscribed to e-books from several reputed publishers, such as ASME, Cambridge University Press, Elsevier, IEEE, Pearson, Taylor & Francis, World scientific, Tata McGraw Hill and Wiley. It also has the access to Ebrary - ebooks database. The Library also has a very good collection of AV materials, such as CDs and DVDs. All records of the library are accessible on a Web based platform, Web OPAC.

Sports Facilities:

IIT Mandi provides facilities for the following sports: Football, Cricket, Badminton, Lawn Tennis (proposed), Badminton, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball, Chess and Swimming, at both Mandi and Kamand Campuses.

Football: The "Paddal" ground next to the transit campus in Mandi has a very good football field. An experienced coach has also been appointed. The ground is close to the first year boys' hostel and is also equipped with flood lights so that players can practice at night time also. Besides participating in the Inter-IIT Sports meets, the team also plays practice matches against the local teams. This helps in increasing the skills of players and at the same time provides them with an opportunity to interact with the local people. The team has very enthusiastic and passionate players but is also always on the lookout to induct new members to the team.

Badminton: Badminton or let us just say 'baddy', is the most popular sport in IIT Mandi. There is a wooden court near the Institute, one in the Admin building, and there are badminton courts in the academic block as well. Students are free to come to the courts at any time to have fun. A new indoor badminton court is now also operational in the Kamand campus.

Lawn Tennis (proposed): The IIT Mandi lawn tennis team made it to the quarter finals of the 46th Inter-IIT tournament held at IIT Delhi. As for now, IIT Mandi sports council is proposing to have a new lawn tennis court. Presently, there is a lawn tennis court outside the campus just a few minutes by bus. Sports council has plans to improve the facilities for this sport and is in the process of taking further actions for its development.

Table Tennis: TT is one of the most played games at IIT Mandi. Facilities for TT are available at all hostels, in the Academic Block at Mandi and in the mess at Kamand. It is a great source of fun and refreshment. The TT team has some very talented players. The team gets to play with district players which is very helpful in skill development. Our players have been performing well at the inter college and district level. Intra college and intra hostel TT tournaments are also regularly organized.

Volleyball: There are volleyball courts in the institute, the "Paddal" ground nearby and at Kamand. A coach has been appointed to help keep the skills of players up to the mark. Students are free to play volleyball at any time and it is not uncommon to find the court in use even during the lunch times and parts of the academic hours. The volleyball team is very excited about participating in more competitions and eagerly awaits to acquire new talent.

Basketball: The basketball team is one of the most disciplined and hard working sports group at IIT Mandi. Two basketball courts are presently available for use by students, one of them being very close to the Boys' hostel. Basketball players practice mostly in the "Paddal Ground" with a coach and other local players. This team is always on the lookout for new talented, disciplined and dedicated members.


Hostel Facilities: Currently there are seven hostels spread over the Mandi town (five) and the Kamand Campus (two). Each hostel is managed by a Warden, ably assisted by an Assistant Warden, both faculty members, a caretaker and a dedicated team of support staff and guards. There are two Girls' Hostels, Renuka in Mandi and Chandra Taal at Kamand. And five Boys' Hostels, four in Mandi and one at Kamand. Students play an important role in the management of the hostels. They are represented by elected secretaries who help the Wardens in the day to day smooth running of the hostels. Mess in each hostel provides homely food. Common rooms are equipped with LCD TVs, table tennis facilities and ample seating. Reading rooms are provided with internet connected PCs and tables and chairs for studying. Comfortable Visitors' Rooms are open till 10:00PM in case students have visitors.

Renuka Hall: Renuka Hall, the first hostel for girl students of IIT Mandi, currently accommodates around 35 students. It is located adjacent to the Administration Block, just above the Mandi Bus stand. Facilities in the hostel include an attached mess providing homely food, including South Indian items, a visitors' room, badminton court, Wi-Fi connection in the rooms, LCD TV, washing machine with helper to wash clothes, etc. The warden, assistant warden and resident warden are ably assisted by a caretaker, support staff and guards. The elected student body gives their inputs for the smooth and proper functioning of the hostel on a daily basis.

Beas Kund Hall: Beas Kund Hall for MS/PHD students, where 10 male students are accommodated, is adjacent to the Administration Block, just above the Mandi Bus stand. Facilities:- Attached mess providing homely food, including South Indian items, Wi-Fi connection in the rooms.

Suvalsar: Suvalsar for first year students, where 95 male students are accommodated, is adjacent to the Academic Block, just opposite the Mandi Bus stand. Facilities:- Attached mess providing homely food, including South Indian items, Visitors room, LCD TV, Washing Machine, Table Tennis, Badminton & Volley Ball courts etc. A care taker to look after the daily routine matters along with a warden and assistant warden to address the problems of the students on a day to day basis.

Dashir: Dashir for second and third year students, where 104 male students are accommodated, inside Mandi Town, at a distance of 2 km from the Mandi Bus stand. Facilities:- Attached mess providing homely food, including South Indian items, Wi-Fi internet connection, Visitors room, LCD TV, Washing Machine, Table Tennis, Badminton court etc. A care taker to look after the daily routine matters along with a warden & assistant warden to address the problems of the students on a day to day basis.

Chandra Taal: Chandra Taal girl’s hostel with a touch of serenity is situated in the south campus of IIT Mandi. The hostel is a thermally insulated pre-fabricated building with a capacity of 33 students. Every room is furnished with cots, tables, chairs, almirahs, fans and tube lights. Facilities like 42 inch LED Television, washing machine, Hot and cold water, RO purifiers, Wi-Fi internet connection, sports facility like badminton are available. In addition, in the premises, within few minutes of walk, there is common mess facility, provisional store, night canteen, ATM facility, medical facility, various Labs, workshops, class rooms etc.

The hostel administration includes a warden, an assistant warden, one assistant administrator, one dedicated caretaker and several supporting staffs (security guards, cleaning staffs, electricians, plumbers, etc.). The hostel administration along with the elected student governing body of the hostel ensures transparency and efficient management of the hostel.

Prashar: Prashar hostel is the first permanent hostel in the institute’s main campus in Kamand. The building has been constructed deploying the latest technology of using pre-fabricated materials. The salient feature of this type of construction is that the rooms have excellent insulation, i.e., they remain cool during hot summers and warm during cold winters.

Prashar hostel students have several facilities like in-house gym, several sports facilities (table-tennis, badminton, cricket, volleyball, etc.) within the premises, Wi-Fi internet connection, a 50 inch LCD television, top range music system, washing machines, RO water purifiers, etc. In addition, the provisions store, night canteen, mechanical workshop and computer lab located in close proximity of the hostel provides a vibrant campus life to this hostel. Above all, the serene surroundings of the Kamand valley adds life to the hotel and campus living.

Prashar hostel also encompasses a huge dining hall with a seating capacity of 150 people at a time. Furthermore, the hostel is located at the center of the campus just within a few minutes of walk from the labs and classrooms. Prashar hostel is the first among all the hostels of IIT Mandi to move towards full computerization and office automation. It will also be the first to implement food waste management.
The hostel administration includes a warden, an assistant warden, one assistant administrator, two dedicated caretakers and several supporting staffs (security guards, cleaning staffs, electricians, plumbers, etc.). The hostel administration along with the elected student governing body of the hostel ensures transparency and efficient management of the hostel.

Academic Facilities:

The main campus at Kamand of IIT Mandi has well equipped class rooms with modern facilities and also computing facilities.

Good teaching laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Computer Sciences, Electrical Engineering including basic and analogue Electronics and Mechanical Engineering have been developed. Most of the laboratories are now located in Kamand campus and some in the Mandi transit campus.

A well-equipped Central Workshop with CNC lathe, CNC milling, rapid prototyping machine and conventional machining, welding and foundry equipment caters to the requirements of general undergraduate labs and projects and also to various research projects.

The electrical and electronics laboratories are equipped with state of the art instruments, which are useful for both teaching and research. In addition, IIT Mandi is going to procure a Real-time Digital Simulator System and also a Wind Turbine with HIL Simulator. These are important elements of a modern state-of-the-art electrical engineering laboratory and are expected to facilitate high quality teaching and research.

A mechanical Design Lab has been set up to serve both as a teaching lab and as a research lab. The lab is equipped with a universal testing machine, tensometer, hardness, surface roughness, impact, fatigue, torsion and vibration test equipment. The lab also houses furnaces for heat treatment and for fabrication of metal glass, use of Piezo-electric materials for vibration control and additionally some equipment fabricated at our work shop. A journal bearing set up, thin cylinder set up, balancing of engine and cam are also currently being procured.

The thermo-fluids laboratory is equipped with instruments for measuring pressure, temperature and flow rates. A number of undergraduate experiments covering basic concepts in thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and heat transfer have been designed and fabricated in-house by students and faculty. A sophisticated wind tunnel facility and also experimental facilities for combustion and engine analysis are in the process of being set up.

IIT Mandi has four sophisticated interactive virtual class rooms (two large lecture theatres and two seminar/meeting rooms). These are used for conducting classes remotely from anywhere in the world.

The institute has a High Performance computational facility with 39 nodes based on Intel Xeon processors that have total 404 processor cores, memory of 1.3 TB and 63 TB storage space. The nodes are connected to each other through dedicated Gigabit Ethernet. A 4000 core facility that have about 100 TeraFLOPS computational capacity is being planned.

Presently, for internet access, IIT Mandi has routers and switches with backbone ready for dual redundant connectivity of 1 Gbps from two internet service providers both in the main campus and in the transit campus. The access network uses wireless infrastructure for connectivity to academic blocks, hostels, faculty housing and various other blocks and is being continuously upgraded to be at par with other IITs. Currently, the number of faculty members in IIT Mandi is 60, a majority of whom are under 40 years of age, yielding a potent blend of exuberance and experience. A number of distinguished academics and experts with industry experience are also invited to visit IIT Mandi for short durations to contribute to teaching specialized courses.

Advanced Materials Research Centre (AMRC) has been established in a purpose-built building in the new campus in order to serve research activities in the field of advanced materials. A fully functional synthesis and characterization lab is already established with a full range of basic instruments and several advanced instruments including (i) High Resolution Powder X-ray Diffractometer, (ii) Single Crystal X-ray Diffractometer, (iii) High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscope, (iv) Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer, (v) Fluorescence Confocal Microscope, (vi) High Resolution Mass Spectrometer and (vii) Femtosecond Pump-Probe Set-Up. Several more state of the art instruments will be installed in the near future As a part of the B.Tech. curriculum, the students are exposed to a few advanced characterization techniques at the AMRC lab. Interested B.Tech students can apply to do internship or a project at AMRC.




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