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B.M.S., batch of 2017
  • .for societies, our college has a Gymkhana, NSS, Extention(ESS), DLLE. and NSS students with teachers every year go camp for 1 week.
  • we select the best outgoing student of the year in their students who take initiative in their societies, we celebrate 3 days management days. 3 days IT Idol days, almost 1 week for sports, we celebrate traditional day, hues festival.
  • our college life is awesome we enjoy allot and get more knowledge and exposure. 

  • there is no hostel facility available.
  • the food quality is good and they take proper hygiene in canteen and per meal cost is Rs20/-
  • classrooms are good and well cleaned, computer labs have properly usage computers, libraries have a big room
  • we almost go daily in the library and in exam time we mostly prefer library we have 2 library cards for issuing a book.
  • wifi facility is open for students. we have a water filter facility on every floor.

  • 1 lecture starts from 11:50 and every lecture have 50 minutes, daily 5 lectures are properly conducted, for making projects student will take our computer lab, projects are made in every semester, exams are held in every is checked by very strickly. our Ty students have 100% result in every year from the starting of this course.
  • our teaching staff and their quality are excellent they gave us marvelous knowledge.
  • The overall experience is awsome and good it is a very well disciplined college thay take an industrial visit in every year for 1 time.

  • The fees in the 1st year are above 18000/-, the 2nd year above 16000/- and in the 3rd year above 15000/-. 
  • There 3 or 4 options for students to get scholarships. Most of the students apply for the scholarship and the land up getting it.
  • There are no loans needed.

  • I am not done any type of internship in this course but I took an interview in a sub-broking firm for a black book project.
  • There are no companies are hiring in my campus.
  • The Alumni in my course are above 600 students, they are work in popular companies.


Eligibility Criteria and Admission Process
  • The Eligibility for a candidate is to have got 45% above.
  • I haven't attempted any entrance exam for this course.
  • The candidates will need to have a cut-off of 80% above in HSC exam