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Infrastructure :-

Long known for its academic reputation, the Giriraj Nursing School for the last few years has made dramatic strides forward in facilities, faculty, curriculum, research programs, learning technologies, clinical practice initiatives and global education partnerships.


The Giriraj Nursing School has an extensive library with comprehensive collection of literature on all subjects to meet with the latest information needs. The school library provides a dedicated course collection as prescribed by the Maharashtra Nursing Council. Total Books in Library are 700 with lots of Journals and Magazines.


The Giriraj Nursing School provides excellent and well equipped labs with all modern necessary tools for the rapid and critical development in the field of nursing. The highly equipped laboratory gives the student an insight in nursing developments. Laboratories are well equipped to show demonstrations and re-demonstrations of Nursing Procedure Basic and Advanced.

Lecture Hall

The Giriraj Nursing School has well-planned lecture halls. The desks are well spaced out and well excellent acoustics.

Computer Lab

The computer lab is spacious and well-planned with the latest hi-tech configuration of hardware and software to entire academic and additional program according to the curriculum.

Faculty & Departments

The Giriraj Nursing School is proud of its well-qualified and experienced team of faculty members. It is their dedicated service and the whole hearted co-operation that has made Giriraj Nursing School a premier institution in Central Maharashtra.


The Giriraj Nursing School has bus plying around the city, picking up the students and staff to college, on time to various destinations like Hospitals, Clinics and for attending conference seminars, workshops, meetings etc. Also, train booking facility is provided by the management.

Parents/Guardian Responsibilities

The Parents and Guardians should visit the campus as per direction of the Management to verify the students attendance, progress in studies, class tests, discipline and behavior.


The Giriraj Nursing School focuses on the health and wholesome development of students by providing for both outdoor and indoor sports activities.

Health Check-up

Physical check up is done twice a year and when required. Monthly record for each student is kept. Sick leave will be issued only by the medical officers who are assigned for the health services of staff and students of Giriraj Nursing School.   

Counselling & Guidance

Student’s personal problems are looked into and necessary counseling and guidance are given by the teachers, priests and pastors.   

Health Activities

The Giriraj Nursing School conducts awareness programs in various places such as schools, villages, slums areas, homes and health centers, inpatient and outpatient departments.   

Recreation Activities

Students are free to relax watching good television programs after their dinner. The school organizes picnics for the students every year.   


The economical designed with the latest audiovisual facilities and sitting capacities upto 100 and are being extensively used for different continuing educational program and cultural activities. Events like seminars, symposia and guest lectures are held here.   

Hostel Facilities

The Giriraj Nursing School has a beautiful hostel building with well furnished living rooms.   


The Giriraj Nursing School has a in campus mess facility which provides nutritious and hygienic food for Students.   

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