Darjeeling Universal Campus Scholarships 2023: Eligibility & Amount

  • Darjeeling, West Bengal
Ayesha Taneem Ayesha Taneem | Aug 29, 2022
Ayesha Taneem
Ayesha Taneem

Updated on - Aug 29, 2022

Scholarships at Darjeeling Universal Campus, [DUC] Darjeeling: 

The merit scholarship is initiated for meritorious students based on their performance at the pre-entry level and subsequent performance in various tests and examinations.

The student will be awarded a merit scholarship in September each year. In the first year, the scholarship will be decided on the merit of the pre-entry marks, mid-semester test, and attendance in regular classes.

The fee refund/reduction will be considered as follows:

  • Students securing 85% and above in class XII -25% Scholarship.
  • Students securing 70 – 84% and above in class XII -10% Scholarship.

Scholarship for Financial Assistance:

  • Students choosing to avail of this scholarship must apply to the Office of Awards and Scholarships with supporting documents.
  • Students seeking this scholarship at the time of admission are expected to fill up a separate application for a scholarship available along with their main application form and submit to the Office of Scholarships for perusal.
  • The scholarship committee will then interview them on the allotted dates, and their concessions will be decided prior to the payment of their fees. 


Darjeeling Universal Campus Check Fees Details

Course Name Avg Course Fees Exams Accepted
MBA ₹1,20,000 (2 Years) -
LLB ₹1,05,000 (3 Years) -
BSc ₹2,56,666 (3 Years) -
BCA ₹2,10,000 (3 Years) -
BBA ₹3,50,000 (3 Years) -
B.Ed ₹1,40,000 (2 Years) -
BHA ₹2,10,000 (3 Years) -

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