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Reviews on Infra/Hostels of Aurora's Scientific and Technological Research Academy, [ASTRA] Hyderabad

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] Reviews

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Electronics & Communication Engineering), batch of 2021

There is no hostel, no cafeteria, no proper labs, no libraries, no wifi, no proper infrastructure

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Computer Science and Engineering), batch of 2019

There is only one hostel which has better class furnishings.The hostel fee is 60,000 per academic year. PG options are good and the cost is 40-50 thousand. The quality of food is not bad and a meal costs 35 rupees. Classrooms are okay ,Labs are good, Library is too good,Dining hall is not there due to cafeteria,WiFi facility is available..

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Mechanical Engineering), batch of 2016

Both girls and boys hostel available but it is far from college you have to come by college bus it leads to the extra cost. Canteen availability is average. There is no Wi-Fi.

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Aurora's Scientific and Technological Research Academy, [ASTRA] Hyderabad Infrastructure Details


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  • Griveance Addressal Centre


Central Library

The college central library has the best library facilities with largest collection of books, reference manuals, and hand books along with national and international journals covering various advanced disciplines pertaining to the subjects offered by the college. It caters to the needs of the existing courses. It has 6,424 titles and 31,579 volumes evenly distributed on all the disciplines. The library has facilities for accommodating 500 students at a time. The library is also equipped with an E-Library with 75 Periodicals. 15 systems are available in the library to be used by students. More books/ journals / standards etc. will be introduced in the library in accordance with the expansion requirements. Besides, there are 169 journals in the library from national & 124 international societies and institutes to serve the needs of the graduate and Post Graduate students. The institute library has Internet facility with 5 systems, put on the internet and is also a member of the DELNET. To help those engaged in research and development activities. The institutes also plans to acquire patents, standards, research reports, in sizeable numbers on the topics chosen for advanced research by Post Graduate students and research scholars. A lot of e-learning courses and study material is maintained in the server and is continuously updated. The college also subscribes various e-journals in all relevant disciplines.

Industrial Tours

It is needed that the students of technical education are required to be informed about various processes taking place in the industry towards this end; the college organizes regular industrial tours. It is necessary that each student shall visit at least one company either Indian or MNC every semester and prepare a detailed note on the industry to be visited in advance.

Innovative Practices

The college has made an attempt in this direction in right earnest and with a promise that it would fulfill all that it promises. This innovative practices is a combination of the conventional mechanisms of learning such as lectures and laboratory sessions along with the interactive teaching learning aids such as seminars, on-course projects, guest lectures / expert sessions, industrial visits, assignments, and preparing company profiles. The college gives each and every student a student handbook which consists of day-to-day planning and accounts of all these activities.

Student Handbook

Education has to be a planned and organized activity and thus the entire year academic plan both from the side of the institution as well as student goes according to a sequence and thus helping to achieve things with great clarity and commitment. The student Handbook shall help students prepare in advance for the classes, the assignments one has to do with details of the deadlines; timings and dates of examinations, meticulous details of the syllabi to be covered for the examination and the dates on which several extracurricular activities are to be organized.

Guest lectures

For students, an interaction with luminaries from the corporate/professional world is of paramount importance. Scientists, professors and practitioners from prestigious institutions are invited to deliver lectures in the college. Four Guest Lectures will be conducted per semester per section. This component will be included in the regular timetable. Visits of industry executives and practicing engineers to the Institute for inspecting seeing research work and laboratories, discussions and delivering lectures on industrial practices, trends and experiences will be encouraged.

Committee Clubs

Student activities


It is an article of faith at ASTRA to complement the academic component of the university and enhance the overall educational experience of students through a wide range of extra-curricular programmes, facilities, services and activities. These events provide students and other members of the university exposure to a variety of social, cultural, intellectual, recreational opportunities and challenges. Such experiences enrich the lives of students and help them fulfil their potential.

Co-curricular and extracurricular activities are planned and executed through a number of associations, clubs, societies and students' chapters of professional bodies. They are owned and managed by representatives of students and are monitored by the faculty in-charge.

Technology Club

This club is a reflection of new ideas and technologies and share latest information on emerging trends, events and personalities who are involved in designing and working of technologies. The college provided all the required provisions and encourages students to participate in the college level technical events. A college level student technical committee is formed in the beginning of the academic year to plan and monitor the technical festival “Udhbav”.

Literary Club

The activities of this club goes beyond Group Discussions and debates. We envision this club to being ‘Brain Centre’ of the college. Among other activities this would organize meetings with eminent literary personalities.

Cultural club

The college provided all the required provisions and encourages students to participate in the college level cultural competitions. A college level student cultural committee is formed in the beginning of the academic year to plan and monitor the technical festival “Panache”.

Sports club

Sports and games form critical component of a student’s physical and emotional development. The colleges have provided separate grounds for cricket, base ball, tennis apart from indoor game facilities. The highly qualified and experience physical director is working over time to train the students in various sports and games. The college provided all the required provisions and encourages students to participate in the college level sports competitions. A college level student sports committee is formed in the beginning of the academic year to plan and monitor the technical festival “Dhrithi”.


The Institute is less than 15 km away from the center of the city. However, in order to enable the faculty to commute easily to and from the college the institute has made necessary transport arrangements. The institution provides 20 buses for the faculty and students. Arrangements are also made for transport of the students by involving APSRTC. For the convenience of students RTC officials come to campus for issue and renewal of Bus passes. Free pick up and drop facility is available to the students traveling the MMTS train service.


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