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Bachelor of Engineering [BE] (Electronics & Telecom Engineering), batch of 2021

The college is very good in terms of studies, infrastructure, facilities. It has its very own ground station. It also has a swimming pool and a gymnasium. I have no idea regarding the PGs. The food quality of college canteen is good. It hardly takes 100 rs for you to feel full. The classrooms and good and well equipped with AVs, labs have all the necessary instruments, there is some Jio wifis in college. The college lacks air conditioning in classrooms.

Bachelor of Engineering (BE) (Information Technology), batch of 2019
  • [1] Hostels-Atharva College of Engineering, [ACE] Mumbai provides no Hostel service.
  • [2] Pg’s- I don’t have knowledge about pg’s outside college.
  • [3] College Food-  It is nice. It costs Rs. 50 per meal.
  • [4] Quality of Classrooms, Labs, Libraries- Excellent and college provides free wifi connectivity and it is the first college in Mumbai that contains Kuka Robotics.

Bachelor of Engineering [BE] (Electronics & Communication Engineering), batch of 2014
  • The college provides hostel facilities.
  • There are PG's available around the college as well.
  • Canteen of Atharva has wide range of delicacies from dosa to chinese to maharashtrian dishes to lunch meals at affordable rates.
  • Campus has wifi.
  • Classrooms are big and spacious. Labs are updated with latest technologies.

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Atharva College of Engineering, [ACE] Mumbai Infrastructure Details


Infrastructure at Atharva College of Engineering is appreaciated by the students. Campus is excellent and there is greenery all around. The classrooms are spacious and has excellent ventilation with constant flow of air. They are air-conditioned on top 2 floors which is the management students section. College has two libraries - first and the second year share one library and the third and the fourth year share another. There is a 464-seater Extra facilities are available like spa, swimming pool (only after 5pm, but having a pool in your college, isn’t that cool enough?) and 24 hrs of WiFi internet connectivity throughout the institute. The institute also has excellent sports facilities such as cricket ground, basketball court and volleyball court in the campus.


There is a mixture of experienced and new faculties which keep changing often. If you can comprehend what they are trying to say then they are very helpful. Computers and IT students are pretty satisfied with their department. Elex and EXTC are not of the same opinion but are not completely against the respective dept. Having said that, students find their professors very friendly and doubts are always welcome with a smile. Lectures are conducted in English but some casual teachers prefer to teach in Hindi and Marathi, too.


Atharva College of Engineering is lenient in terms of attendance. Students having attendance below 60% are put into defaulters list and are made to write assignments. No strict action is known to be taken. Attendance is compensated if the student is participating in any event for the college.


Not something to brag about but yes you can live with them. Boys to girls ratio is pretty healthy. Students take part in the college festival and other extra curricular activities. You might meet a lot of spendthrift crowd in ACE. Being a second rung of college, you will not meet a lot of toppers here. Students from the northern and western suburbs are in heavy numbers.


Oh, it's really good. There are numerous canteens run by the hotel management institute of the same trust. It is spacious and serves delicious food at affordable prices. The Chinese is a must have. They also serves non-vegetarian food on selected days of the week.


If you are a foodie then try Uncle's Kitchen - 10 mins away. There is this Ashish restaurant nearby where many Atharva students are found.If going to the mall still impresses you, you may try the Raghuleela mall (some food joints and some gaming zones in the mall) - 10 mins and Infiniti 2 - which is like one stop destination for all youngsters. Beach and party lovers can spend some rocking time with their friends and loved ones on Marve and Aksa beaches. Movie lovers can catch up with latest movie at Movietime, Infinti, InOrbit and Raghuleela. And for those who want to get their hairs down after the sunset, there are some classy restobars like Galaxy, Poptates - Jugheads, Slice of Lime, Kareems, Northern Tadka, etc.


Atharva has all sorts of events and festival going on throughout the year. Techethon (odd semesters) and Rhythm (even semesters) are the main festivals. Rock shows are popular at fests. Other events include Ganpati celebtations, IEEE 360 fest and e-week (entrepreneurship) and sports festival.

Warning for mobile phone addicts:

Atharva College of Engineering has been enforcing a ban on bringing mobile phones within the campus. Violation of this rule is said to attract a hefty fine as well as confiscation of the mobile phone.

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