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Train the Trainer Workshop Learning Objectives
• Know how to write objectives and evaluate whether these objectives have been met at the end of a training session.
• Develop an effective training style, using the training aids and techniques that are appropriate.
• Understand the importance of an instruction guide to help a trainer prepare and deliver effectively and consistently.
• Conduct a short group training session that incorporates these training concepts.
• Defining a Successful Training Program.
• Advantages of Training Workers.
• Principles of Adult Learning.
• The Four Basic Steps in the Learning Process.
• The Four Learning Styles.
• Interpretation of Learning Styles Inventory.
• Trainer Type Inventory .
• When is Training Necessary.
• Defining Training Needs.
• Plan the Training.
• Planning and Designing the Program.
• Setting Climate in the Classroom.
• Common Errors in Teaching Employees Their Job .
• How to Facilitate Learning.
• How to Instruct – The Four Step Plan.
• Characteristics of a Trainer.
• Visual Aids.
• Using non-verbal Communication.
• Managing the Question and Answer Period .
• Evaluation.

The NLP Workshop

• Achieve Excellence with NLP.
• What is NLP?
• How NLP can help
• The Four Key Principles of NLP
• How NLP Works
• Believe it or Not
• Enabling and Limiting Beliefs
• Conscious/Unconscious Mind
• Words to Take Care With
• Logical Levels of Change
• Practical Applications of Levels of Change
• Your Personal Resources
• Anchors
• The SCORE Model
• The Time- Line Process
• The GEO Goal-Setting Model
• Creating Mastery through Learning

Train the Trainer Workshop

Who should attend: The Train the Trainer workshop is aimed at any Supervisor, Manager, School Teachers and College Faculty or anybody responsible for Training and Teaching others as per Learning and Developmental needs of the organization, school and college/university.

How long: It can be conducted over one full day to a maximum of 3 days’ duration depending on how intensive you want it to be.

Benefits: You will learn about the difference in Teaching and Training based on the concept of PEDAGOGY. You will learn the different training and trainer types as well as how to align your training to the needs and abilities of the employees and students. Times are changing fast and so are perceptions and attitudes of people. You can be very traditional as well as contemporary in your beliefs as a Faculty or as a Manager.

You will also learn in the workshop how to analyze training needs, design the PowerPoint slides and handout materials and then use multimedia presentation tools. You will also learn training delivery styles with regards to body language, listening skills and using the right metaphors.

NLP – Benefits

Everyone require effective communication skills, interpersonal skills, attitudinal paradigm shifts(change), behavioral finesse, belief management and emotional maturity to be an effective team player.

The NLP workshop is a life-changing course that will take you deep in to analyzing your skills, perceptions of others and the world and your values. It gives you more control over your relationships at work, home and in the society.

A very interactive workshop, it takes you through exercises, physical and mental to understand yourselves and become better human beings. It urges you to respect others’ opinions while standing firmly by yours’. NLP is the most accomplished science that deals with the intricacies and complexities of the human mind.

NLP also enriches your vocabulary by teaching you words that can have a negative or positive effect on your perceptions.


All the training workshops are aimed at creating CHANGE in a participant as per the Demands of any situation. Our courses are very interactive in nature and carry very contemporary examples to drive home a point. The views expressed by any trainer are subject to debate. We create a healthy learning atmosphere in the class by encouraging everyone to express themselves, argue, debate and challenge existing perceptions, theories and concepts.

Our classes are intellectually stimulating and force people to think hard. We believe training has to be transformational as well as transactional. Questions, the more there are, the better!

It is important to respect the views of each participant and that’s how we keep or training groups to be no more than 25 in each session, so that there can be plenty of time and opportunity to interact on a one to one basis.

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