CISCO Certified Associate Internet Associate or CCNA is a technical certification course offered by CISCO Systems. This program is offered by the CISCO SYSTEMS. The CISCO Certified Associate Internet Associate was established to assist the industry in distinguishing the highest level internetworking experts worldwide and to assess expert level infrastructure network design skills worldwide. 

CCNA course illustrates competency in the crafts needed to build, maintain, and troubleshoot the routing and switching of medium-sized networks. In addition to the general CCNA course certification for supporting basic networks, four additional specialty certifications are available in security, service provider operations, voice, and wireless networks. Depending on the specialization, some certification exams may require exam-takers to possess current CCNA course certification. Cisco Certified Network Associate certification syllabus concentrates on  installation, designing, operation and switched systems.

Universities and colleges that offers Cisco training are considered to be a member of the Cisco Networking Academy. All technician certifications are valid for two years. Recertification requires preparation for a higher-level exam or retaking the previous exam, as determined by Cisco. CCNA Job scope is high and has a rewarding career.

CCNA Course Details

Degree Certificate
Full Form Cisco Certified Network Associate
Duration Course Duration of Cisco Certified Network Associate [CCNA] is 1.5 Years.
Age Minimum 13
Similar Options of Study CCIE
Average Salary Offered 4L - 10L
Employment Roles Information Technology Manager, Software Engineer, System's Engineer
Placement Opportunities HCL, Wipro, Cisco, TCS, InfoSys.

CCNA Course:

Cisco Certified Network Associate Certification course is one of the highly sought after course that adds career credentials in the fied of technology. The certification offers rewarding career as Information Technology Manager, Network Administrator and software Engineer. The Cisco Certified Network Associate certification syllabus concentrates on  installation, designing, operation and switched systems.

Degree Level None for certification or  bachelor's degree is usually preferred by employers
Degree Fields Engineering, Computer science, and information science.
Experience 1-2 years (depending upon the requirements of the colleges and institutions)
Certification CCNA course certification is voluntary.
Key Skills Communication, writing or documenting, organizational, troubleshooting, customer service, and analytical skills; ability to use industry-specific tools such as server hardware, routers, and switches; familiarity with Microsoft Office Suite and Cisco.
Average Annual Salary (February 2020) $77,000

CCNA Course fees: 

The course fees incurred by the institution is around INR 22000 to INR 25000 and the course lasts for two years. It deals with internet protocol, ethernet and various networks.  

CCNA Quick Links:

What is CCNA Course?:

The CCNA is a technical certification program offered by CISCO Systems Inc., a multinational technology company. The CCIE has established an excellent reputation in the networking industry in deep technical networking knowledge.

The CISCO Certified Associate Internet Associates are deployed into the foremost technically challenging network assignments. This program CCNA is an lower level certification program undergoes continuous updates and revisions in testing tools and methodologies to ensure and maintain the quality of the program, relevance of the program and the value. 

Why Choose CCNA?

As computer networks continue to grow, there will be an increasing demand for professionals who can work with multiple networks to coordinate services and functionalities. The CCNA programs helps the candidates to grow with the technology trends. It is an highly sought after course for by the professionals to equip their expertise skills. This courses adds crededits to professional degree.

As computer networks continue to grow, there will be an increasing demand for professionals who can work with multiple networks to coordinate services and functionalities. The list below gives some of the valuable skills candidates are expected to demonstrate:

  • Implementing and configuring an EIGRP based solution.
  • Creating a multi area OSPF network and configuring OSPF routing.
  • Setting up an IPV6 based solution and documenting implementation results.
  • Implementing and configuring an IPV4 or IPV6 redistribution solution.
  • Creating layer 3 path control solutions and broadband connections.
  • Determining the necessary resources and implementing VLAN based solutions.
  • Implementing advanced VoIP video and wireless support solutions.
  • Troubleshooting Multi-Protocol systems such as EIGRP, NAT, and OSPF.

CCNA Preparation Tips?

Get Practical Experience: The candidate needs both the theoritical as well as practical knowledge to crack the exam. The candidates must make prepare on the theoritical information based on the netwok issues and the real time- trouble shooting things. Sound knowledge and on hands training is required to score high. 

Gather Study Material and Schedule Practise Tests: The candidates must gather study material from reliable sources for preparation of the examination. It is ideal for students to schedule practise tests to make the preparation process more organised. This wil pae way for more preparation on both theoritical and practical knowledge.

CCNA Syllabus:

The CCNA certification program is divided into seven separate what they call is series or tracks which includes:

 CCNA Course Subjects
1 frame relay
2 Routing Information Protocol (Version 2)
3 Internet Protocol
4 virtual local area networks
5 Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol
6 Ethernet
7 access control lists


CCNA Eligibility:

Basically, Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) course examination has no official prerequisites, the Cisco Certified Entry Network Technician (CCENT)  course certification is a  good start to have your preparation for the more advanced CCNA course certification. CCENT certification is usually obtained by successfully clearing the first part of the Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices (ICND1) examination. The ICND1 certification course and exam are also required in order to get the CCNA credential. Although not required for certification, positions that properly utilize the CCNA credential that typically requires the experience of several years.

CCNA Admission:

This program also requires the candidates to possess a school diploma or equivalent and a minimum work experience. There is no prescribed eligibility for the candidates to pursue Certified Associate Internet Associate, however CISCO recommends them to possess at least three to five years of experience in networking.

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