CBSE 10th Preparation Tips 2024: Study Plan, Textbooks

Exam Date: 15 Feb '24 to 13 Mar '24
Roumik Roy
Roumik Roy

Updated on - Dec 4, 2023

CBSE 10th preparation tips 2024 must be well planned. Students must be aware of the exam pattern and the syllabus of the CBSE 10th exam. Students must practice the previous question papers along with model and sample papers that will help them to know about marking distribution, grading scheme, difficulty level and important chapters to be covered for the exam.

Students should also review the answer key and solved question papers to be aware of the answer pattern, word limit, and ideal writing style for delivering good performance in the exam. 

CBSE Class 10 Result 2024 CBSE Class 10 Syllabus 2023-24 CBSE Class 10 Sample Papers 2024 

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Students should prepare for the CBSE class 10 exam with a pre-planned and effective academic structure. It will help them to learn the subject matter easily and revise the syllabus for the 10th CBSE board exams.

CBSE 10th Preparation Tips

Below are the CBSE 10th preparation tips that students must follow for the CBSE class 10 examination 2024.

1. Planned Schedule

A schedule is always necessary to finish such a vast syllabus. Set weekly targets and finish the syllabus on time. 

2. Keep track of the Syllabus

Checking the entire syllabus is very important. Always strike out the topics covered each day.

3. Understand the basics 

Learning the fundamentals is essential. Solve advanced problems only after understanding the concepts. Move to answer more challenging questions from sample papers and previous year's questions to boost confidence.

4. Stay away from distractions

Getting focus back after distraction is difficult. Turn off any TV, phone, or entertainment device while studying. Keep a separate time for relaxation and entertainment.  

5. Keep your body and mind healthy

Maintaining a healthy diet before exams is important. One must get enough sleep to avoid stress and anxiety. Avoid junk food and replace it with home food.

6. Fixed Target

Fix short-term targets for completing topics or chapters. Fix them as per capacity. Try to meet targets every day to avoid procrastination.

7. Get Sufficient Rest

Taking regular breaks will enhance the brain's capacity. Take a break of 10 mins after every 1-2 hours of continuous study. Take power naps in between if needed. This will make one feel fresh and calm the mind for better preparation. 

8. Choose the Right Books

Go through the study materials prescribed by your respective school teachers. Reading NCERT textbooks is a must. If you study multiple books, you might get confused. 

9. Pay Attention in Class

Be attentive in the classroom. If the lessons are well taught and prepared, learning is much easier. Proper self-study will help students to qualify with flying colors in the board exam.

9. Handwriting

The examiner has to correct several answer booklets within a confined time. He/She does not have time to look hard and understand your illegible handwriting. To grab their attention, you have to write neatly. Better handwriting looks pleasing and adds meaning to your answers.

10. Illustration

Draw diagrams to explain concepts more clearly. Answering questions about subjects like Geography and Biology along with a diagram makes it more meaningful. 

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CBSE Class 10 Subject-wise Preparation Tips 2024

Follow these subject-wise CBSE 10th preparation tips 2024 to excel in the exam. The study plan for CBSE class 10 must be set wisely. Keep some time in the day to relax and meditate, as well. 

  • English/Hindi and Other Language Papers - English is a compulsory subject and passing it with good marks is necessary. It is scoring if taken seriously and revised at regular intervals. Read the chapters thoroughly and solve the questions in the exercise. CBSE class 10 English preparation tips will guide students to score better marks. 
  • Grammar - Learn the basic rules of English grammar and try speaking in English in your daily conversations. Understanding and thorough practice are necessary. Keep an hour to practice grammar every day and never keep it for the last moment. Try listening to English news or podcasts to make the subject much more familiar.
  • Literature - Make a synopsis after reading the story or poem. Read between the lines and sketch the characters. Practice previous years' questions, reference to context, and especially the long answers. Writing answers within a specified time will help you increase your writing speed.
  • Mathematics - Make a note of the formulas and keep them before your study table. Keep practicing until you complete all the material available to you. Solve sample papers and practice the problems regularly. Speed plays an important role here. Solve the ones you are confident about in the beginning and keep the answer copy neat.
  • History - All the dates and events must be learned by heart. Allot time to learn History and Civics separately. Make notes on your copy and paste them on the wall if you wish to revise them time and again. Use videos to keep a better understanding of historical events. 
  • Geography - Pay sincere attention to maps. Create charts to learn the differences or comparisons of concepts. It is scoring if memorized with simple mnemonics and makes learning easier.
  • Physics - Understanding the basics and practicing the numerals from every chapter makes it easier to score marks. The calculation is simple but the base should be strong enough. The best CBSE Class 10 Science exam tips include understanding the concepts and solving problems.
  • Chemistry - Complete all the previous year's question papers available. Follow the NCERT textbook thoroughly. Therefore devote time to revision. Jot down essential formulas in one place and revise regularly. Practice balancing equations and maintain knowledge of chemical formulas, experiments, and chemical reactions.
  • Biology - Make a note of the new terminologies and the scientific names of plants and animals. Learn the complex functions of the human anatomy well and practice the labeling of diagrams properly.

How to Use Sample Papers for CBSE Class 10 Exam Preparation 2024?

Candidates who need to improve their writing speed can solve the CBSE class 10 sample papers. Solving more questions will help them to understand the exam pattern and questions.

  • Solving sample papers will help them revise the chapters time and again.
  • It will boost confidence and help in time management.
  • No extra time is given so finishing the paper on time is necessary.
  • It also helps students score well on exams.
  • This will give them an idea of the mark distribution and weightage allotted for individual topics.

How to Use Previous Year Question Papers for CBSE Class 10 Exam Preparation 2024?

The CBSE class 10 previous year question papers have different types of questions. It will help build confidence, and one will quickly clear every paper and score better marks.

  • Answering them within the allotted time is important.
  • Read the questions and check the level of preparedness.
  • Time management is vital as no extra time will be given to any student.
  • Sample papers help identify strong and weak areas, frequently asked topics, marking schemes, and mark distribution across topics.
  • It will make them aware of the depth of the questions.
  • Hence, they can start preparing accordingly.
  • These question papers will give a natural feel of the board examination.

CBSE Class 10 2024 Last-Minute Preparation Tips

Here are a few CBSE class 10 last-minute tips for students to follow. Anyone facing difficulties planning their study routine must follow these CBSE 10th preparation tips.

  • Conduct a smart study and list out the important chapters by reviewing the previous question papers and model papers. 
  • Review the answer keys and previous year's solved question papers to understand the ideal answer format to score good marks. 
  • Students need to make sure they follow the NCERT textbooks along with practicing important questions for each topic. 
  • A thorough revision of each important chapter will help them to produce good-quality answers in the exam. 
  • Students should take exams on their own with the help of sample papers that will assist them to work on time management skills and they will also be able to assess the preparation level and identify performance gaps. 


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