Ravali Ravss

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Electronics & Communication Engineering) | Batch of 2017

Ravali Ravss's Review on Siddartha Educational Academy Group of Institutions, [SEAGI] Tirupati

Overall Rating : 8 / 10

Written on 16 Feb 2018

Academics & Faculty
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8 /10

My daily routine is wake up in the morning and do some yoga and getting ready for the college. And after going to college we will be in college for 8 hours and we will read in that hours and we will be writing exams and playing with the friends.

The quality is average but the method of teaching is not so good and we will want to study through browsing.


The overall experience in the college is good. We had learned a lesson a lot and we had so many memorable things and so many fights and sadness in our college. And one of the memorable moment is even in one day we will be out of the class. 

Fees & Scholarship
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8 /10

The course fee is INR 30000 per year and if the student will not get ranking in the exam he will be charged more than 1 Lakh.

Fee Remesmenst is available to students who are in that subcaste.

More than 100000 students will get the scholarship.


Placements & Alumni Network
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9 /10

This is my first internship. Not even a company came like this but only customer support companies have come to our college.


Infrastructure & Transportation
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8 /10

So many hotels are there but the hostels will not that good. And the hostel fee will be more than INR 1 Lakh per annum.

The PGs was good in our area. Other college costs will be more than 50000 per year.

The food in the college is good and it will be not so good and it will cost as INR 40 and it will be not so good.

The quality of classrooms, labs, Libraries, Dining halls and other infrastructure is good in our college and the labs will be around one total floor in our college.

Clubs & Associations
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9 /10

We have conducted the clubs in our college and we have participated in many associations like 3K run and blood donation camp.

We have many festivals in our college like yearly they will be a fest and cultural programs. And department wise we will be having forum and fest in our college. And 2 year once there will be a college day and it will be celebrated as one of the big festivals.

The life in the college is very good and we had so much of fun and entertainment in our college and enjoyed a lot.

Eligibility Criteria & Admission Process
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I like my college we had a great time in our college. And we would like to enjoy a lot. And the food in the cafeteria is not good. In our college, we had conducted many functions. We had to give EAMCET exam.



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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Electronics & Communication Engineering), batch of 2017 8/10

30,000 is our course fee per year

15,000 scholarship options are available for students from the government.

Nearly 500+ students got a scholarship.



Daily our class timings from morning 10 to evening 4, projects have done, exams also conducted and faculty will give assignments to the students in every week.

Very good teaching which can easily understand by all students.

I had 4 years of experience in my college.


They are 4 hostels are there 2 for boys and 2 for girls. there were no fees for hostels.

Ya PGs are available outside of our college and their cost is around 4000 per month.

Food that is present in college was simply good and the food is totally free of cost.

All the classrooms, labs, libraries, dining halls are absolutely cleanup by servants every d...

Master of Technology [M.Tech], batch of 2014 5/10

one of the best college for postgraduates in Tirupathi with good faculty and good infrastructure. Here management is good and also there is a placement.


they provide placements with good companies.for the past 5 yrs they had placed around 200 students with good package ...


the fee is around one lakh and seventy-five thousand for the whole academic year and also there is a facility of merit scholarship.


the faculty has good teaching skills and make us learn theoretically as well as practically and also hod who are well talented


good infrastructure with high-quality classrooms, labs, libraries, wifi and also has the facility of hostels and pgs outside.


life in the college is joyful with many fests like sorts and cultural activities.there are many students associations and clubs etc.,


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