Ph.D (Law) Jobs, Scope, Salary in India 2022


Average Fees

INR 10,000 to INR 2,00,000

Kripal Thapa

Updated on Oct 3, 2022 by Kripal Thapa

Kripal Thapa

Updated on Oct 3, 2022 by Kripal Thapa

PhD in Law jobs in India are available in both the public and private sectors. Students after the successful completion of a PhD in Laws program have a large opportunity to explore various areas of professional life. They can choose to become Legal Practitioners, Legal Advisors, Consultants, Researchers, Jurists, Caseworkers, Lawyer, Solicitors, and others. PhD in Law scope in India is very high due to its growing demand.

Career Prospects and Job Scope for PhD in Law

Job opportunities after PhD in Law are available in a variety of sectors. The future scope of PhD in Law in India is vast and the career after PhD in Law is not limited. Those who hold a doctorate in Law find themselves highly qualified for positions as Legal Professionals, Researchers, Professors, Policy-Makers and many more. PhD Law course aims to ensure that the students have access to all the vital and key information they need to succeed in their career paths. Here are some jobs after PhD in Law:

  • Junior Lawyer
  • Litigation
  • Assistant Legal Analyst
  • Assistant Advisor
  • Advocate/Lawyer

Areas of Recruitment for PhD in Law

The future scope after PhD in Law is vast. The working areas are not limited to them. They can work in many sectors such as governmental as well as non-governmental sectors. Candidates have a good scope to explore their knowledge, skills, training and apply the tools in areas like Law Organizations, Businesses, Government and Private Organizations, Legal Departments, Research and Development, Colleges and Universities and others. Some of the areas of recruitment for graduates are:

  • Colleges and Universities
  • Law Organizations
  • Businesses
  • Government and Private Organizations
  • Legal Department
  • Research and Development

Salary Packages for PhD in Law Graduates

The salary of a PhD in Law holder will differ with field and position. PhD in Law salary for graduates depends upon the level of education, grades and skills acquired. The average salary of a PhD in Law is in the range of INR 3 - 8 LPA [Source: Glassdoor]. Some of the few job designations with offered salaries are:

Job Roles Average Annual Salary
Lawyer INR 5.5 LPA
Attorney INR 4.6 LPA
Legal Manager  INR 3 LPA
Law Officer INR 8 LPA
Junior Lawyer INR 4.05 LPA

Source: Glassdoor

Government Jobs for PhD in Law Graduates

The demand for PhD in Law is rising high and it brings ample State govt jobs and Central Government jobs for PhD in Law graduates. The salary after PhD in Law in India is around INR 4.5 - 7 LPA [Source: Glassdoor]. Some govt jobs for PhD in Law with salaries are:

Job Designation Salary
Law Officer INR 5.11 LPA
Deputy Manager INR 5.5 LPA
Litigation INR 4.6 LPA
Assistant Legal Analyst INR 7 LPA
Assistant Advisor INR 6.5 LPA

Source: Glassdoor

Private Jobs for PhD in Law Graduates

A pool of job opportunities is available in the private sector for PhD in Law graduates. PhD in Law average salary is around INR 3.5 - 8 LPA [Source: Glassdoor]. Some of the jobs for PhD in Law freshers with their salaries are given below.

Job Roles Average Annual Salary
Law Intern INR 3.9 LPA
Chief Manager INR 8 LPA
Claims Commissioner INR 6.05 LPA
Deputy Director INR 7.11LPA
Lawyer INR 4.5 LPA

Source: Glassdoor

Job Opportunities Abroad for PhD in Law Graduates

PhD in Law job scope in India is tremendous but is also available abroad. Any individual with a skill set and capability can get a job in their preferred country. International corporations provide Product Specialists, Development Executives, and other job roles for this course graduates. With increasing expertise and experience, PhD in Law career scope abroad shows a rising trend.

Top Companies

Check the list below for the top organizations that hire PhD in Law Graduates:

  • Kirkland & Ellis L.L.P.
  • Latham & Watkins L.L.P.
  • Nike
  • Toys R Us
  • Volkswagen
  • Dentons
  • Allen and Overy
  • DLA Piper

Best Countries

Below is the list of top countries offering fresher jobs in PhD in Law graduates:

  • Australia
  • Ireland 
  • France
  • New Zealand
  • Honduras 
  • UK
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Japan

Various Career Designations Abroad for PhD in Law Graduates

The PhD in Law course brings ample opportunities for students to choose from. There are many interesting job profiles that attract PhD in Law graduates to work abroad:

  • Attorney
  • Deputy Program Manager
  • Administrative Coordinator
  • Legal Manager
  • Legal Counsel
  • Legal Consultant
  • Legal Affairs Manager
  • Legal Officer
  • Legal Assistant Paralegal

Famous PhD in Law Graduates

This is one of the most lucrative fields where the scope of earning is massive. Successful people in this field have amassed fortunes along with widespread recognition. The PhD in Law course scope is very high due to its growing demand. Some of the famous law graduates are:

  • Barack Obama
  • Bill Clinton
  • Ram Jethmalani
  • Mahatma Gandhi
  • Johnnie Cochran

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