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UIMO Sample Papers 2024 (Class 1-12) - Download UIMO Sample Questions

The major advantages of solving UIMO sample papers are, that it helps students to predict the level of questions and the important topics to be covered for the UIMO Olympiad examination. UIMO solved sample papers and also give a hands-on analysis of the subject-specific topics.

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Steps to Download UIMO Sample Papers

Among the four exams conducted by the Unified Council, UIMO is very popular among students. Sample papers for the UIMO exam are framed to enhance the student's conceptual understanding and the importance of Mathematics every day. Solved papers can be downloaded from the official website. Given below are the steps to download UIMO sample papers.

  • Visit the official website of the Unified Council.
  • On the home page, click on "UIMO" on the left side.
  • Under the UIMO individual exams page, click on "Model Question Papers."
  • Sample papers will be available in the zip file.
  • Click the zip file to download the sample papers.
  • To access sample papers and previous year question papers, students need to buy model test papers that cost INR 40 per student.

UIMO Sample Papers PDF

Unified Council has updated the answer key for the UIMO 2024-25. The students can view the pdf files of the answer keys class-wise to predict the scores of UIMO 2024-25.

The question papers with the updated answer keys for the question code UM9248 is given below.

Here are the pdf files to download the Unified International Mathematics Olympiad sample paper.

Students will get fair ideas on types of questions, the exam's difficulty level, and the areas students need to improve on, which helps students manage time during the main exams.

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