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UIMO Awards 2024 - Prizes for Toppers and Institutional Awards

UIMO 2024-25 exams will be conducted in two modes, the offline mode and the online mode on the respective dates, which are Jan 30, 2024, for offline and Feb 4, 2024, for the online mode. UIMO Olympiad Exam toppers, state toppers, and class toppers are offered with UIMO awards and prizes, including certificates, medals, cash prizes, mementos, etc.

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UIMO Awards 2024-25 Highlights

The exam will be conducted on a single date throughout the country, unlike some of the Unified Council's exams. The UIMO topper is the one who achieves the highest percentage of marks among all the classes.

The top 100 rank holders across the country are excluded, and then the state-wise rank is declared. All the students who appear for the UIMO exam are presented with participation certificates.

Here are the awards mentioned below that are provided by UIMO to students.

  • UIMO toppers are awarded INR 2 Lakh cash prize.
  • The top rankers and the next two rankers in each class are awarded a Laptop, a Tablet PC, and a Memento each.
  • The students with ranks 4 to 10 and 11 to 25 of each class are awarded a cash prize of INR 1500 and INR 1000, respectively.
  • The rankers, 26 to 100 of each class, are awarded BMA's Talent and Olympiad Exams Resource Book from M/s. Brain Mapping Academy, each.
  • All the rankers (1 to 100) are awarded an Olympiad coach online subscription worth INR 1198, a medal, and a certificate of appreciation.

UIMO Prizes for State Toppers

The top 3 rank holders from each state (where a minimum of 10,000 students in a particular state) are awarded a special encouragement award. The rank holders are awarded an Olympiad Coach Online Subscription worth INR 1198 and a Certificate of Appreciation.

UIMO Class Topper Awards

Three toppers are declared per class in each school, and class toppers are awarded a medal and a Certificate of Appreciation. The students are also awarded a Certificate and Student's Performance Report (SPr) for all the participants.

Interpreting Results

If more than one student scores an equal top score, the priority for the awarding ranks will be given according to the marks acquired in the specified order of sections in the question paper.

UIMO Institutional Awards

The top-performing school will be awarded "One Best Performance School Award" in each zone, i.e., 17 zones. The Best Contribution in Computer Education Award and a cash prize of INR 3000 will be awarded to the principal and teacher-in-charge of the respective schools.

State Top Mentor Award

The principal and the teacher-in-charge of the top 5 schools with the highest participation from each state (with a minimum of 300 schools' participation) are awarded a cash prize of INR 1500 and a certificate.

Best Participation School

All the schools which forward more than 100 applications will be presented Certificate of Appreciation. A Certificate of Appreciation will be awarded to All the co-ordinating teachers in-charge of the UIMO.

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