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Unified Council Exam Preparation 2023

Preparation is a key part of an examination that can be done using many sources from using workbook/reference books to solving sample test papers. Each modem of preparation has its advantages. On this page, students can get advanced preparation tips to appear for any Olympiad Exams.

Unified Olympiad Preparation

Unified Olympiad 2023-24 Preparation

Reference books are the cornerstone of preparing for an exam. The main advantages are:

  • Reference books are a vital part of the Unified Olympiad preparation.

  • Reference books are made exam-oriented, helping students achieve great in Unified Councils' Olympiad Exams.

  • Reference books discuss the topics with respect to their weightage.

  • Reference books will go through every question that has ever been asked in Unified Councils' Olympiad Exams.

  • Reference books help students to go through the topics that are going to appear on the exam.

  • At the end of each chapter, problems and questions help students revise the learning and also strengthen the basics.

  • Reference books also have sections titled important formulas and definitions, which also help for last-minute preparations of the exam.

  • Some reference books also include sample papers containing questions from all the chapters.

Unified Council Sample Paper Advantages

Sample papers are the most commonly used means of preparation worldwide due to its availability online. Some of the advantages of preparing from sample papers are:

  • Sample papers are published by Unified Council to help students for a better understanding of the question pattern, mark distribution, and difficulty of the questions to be asked.

  • The sample paper also helps in revising the concepts of the syllabus. 

  • It helps students focus more on the areas the students lack before appearing for the main exam.

  • Practicing sample papers before the main exam helps in time management.

Preparation for an exam does not end once you write the exam. With Olympiads conducted every year, students have to work on areas where they could not perform well in the last exam. Unified Council conducts diagnostic tests that help students discover their strengths and weakness.

Tips to Prepare for Unified Council Olympiad

Given below are the tips to prepare for Unified Council Exams.

  • Parents must help their children to understand concepts given in the textbook instead of just memorizing them.

  • Children should be given books and magazines to help themselves explore their interests.

  • Parents should involve their children in activities and games such as puzzles to help increase their mental capability.

  • Parents must encourage children to watch knowledge-based channels like discovery or national geographic along with entertainment channels.
  • Parents should support students to join activities such as quizzes or debates to keep their minds sharp.

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The Unified Council has released the Talent & Olympiad exam resource book for classes 1-10 and an IIT Foundation & Olympiad Explorer book for classes 6-10.

Besides, for classes 6 to 10, the best book students can refer are IIT/AIEEE/PMT/AIIMS/AFMC competitive exams reference books, BMA's Hand-Book of Mathematics, BMA's Handbook of Physics and Chemistry, and BMA's Hand-book of Biology.

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29 Oct 2020

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