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Unified Council Career 2024

The Uunified council is continually looking out for talented, thoughtful, and creative individuals who have the confidence and drive to take up challenging projects and execute them independently. A strong passion for doing something "different'' and a liking for education is a suitable qualifications for a Unified Council career. To become a coordinator in Unified Council, send your resume to the official mail of the unified council.

A career in Unified Council 2024-25 Career

The Unified Council offers skill-based tests that measure students' conceptual learning from classes 1 to 12 throughout the country. The council interacts with schools all over the country to process Testing & assessments. So, there are various opportunities for coordinators or volunteers to work in diagnostic assessment, skill improvement, and training programs for schools and their students alike.

Given below are the positions available to become a coordinator in the unified council.

Unified Council Career



Sales managers


Regional coordinators


Educational specialists


Teacher trainers


Public relations executive


DTP operators


Sales Manager

The sales manager will be responsible for regulating the regional operations of the Unified Council (UC). The position involves vital responsibility and a high level of target orientation. The current product portfolio includes:

  • NSTSE Olympiad is a contribution of the Unified Council's flagship. This distinguishing skill-based test measures "understanding" and provides detailed feedback to children from classes 1 to 12 about their academic strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Tests have been offered to more than 7.7 million students in the past 18 years in India, Nepal, the Middle East, Russia, Tanzania, and Indonesia (16 countries). 
  • NSTSE grants schools the ability to benchmark themselves vis-a-vis the schools in the country and pinpoint areas of students' strengths and weaknesses concerning understanding the curriculum.

Job Description

The major job roles include interacting with school principals, management, and teachers, to create and service the demand for Unified Council offerings. Other responsibilities include,

  • Building a team of regional coordinators who will be the front line of the sales effort
  • Inspiring, leading, and coordinating the team to emerge into partners working towards a common goal of school improvement, in coordination with the school management.
  • Take UCO, NSTSE, or UIEO into the next stage of productivity growth through the penetration in schools of small cities and towns.
  • Coordinate with heads of different products and services to assure maximum geographical reach and coverage.

Desired Profile

The minimum experience required for a sales manager is four years. Besides, the following are the few important skills expected for the position.

  • Field level sales experience of a minimum of 5 years with a proven record.
  • A quick learner with self-motivation towards self-improvement
  • Responsive to work in the field and travel extensively.
  • A team person, inspiring, and living the dream.
  • Extensive travel experience, geographical knowledge, and cultural trends in the working region would be advantageous.
  • Self-starter with the capacity to motivate and develop a competent team of advisors
  • Designating sales managers for all major cities across India

Regional Coordinators

Commission-based sales executives who act as freelance support in any town in India. If you have a passion for contributing to education, the unified council offers you an opportunity to interact with schools and partner with them in skill-testing & assessment.

  • Unified council grants schools the ability to pinpoint their students' strengths and weaknesses by understanding the curriculum. 
  • To date, 7.7 million students have participated in these exams and benefitted themselves.

Job Description

Coordinators should work closely with schools for framing diagnostic assessments, training programs, and skill improvement for students.

Other responsibilities include,

  • Creating a list of schools in the town/city, periodically visiting them, and making presentations about NSTSE, UCO, or UIEO in those schools
  • Coordinating between the schools that sign up and the Unified Council to ensure the smooth progress of the assessment test and other related activities
  • Following up on activities carried out in schools and collecting feedback from students and teachers.
  • Regularly report to the relationship manager of your region.

Desired Profile

A strong passion for doing something "different'' and a liking for education is best suited for the job. Earlier experience with a participant in interaction with students, schools will help.

Following are the primary skills that help candidates get a job as a regional coordinator.

  • Applicants should have good communication skills and an aptitude for overcoming challenges.
  • Teachers/professors with an orientation towards school education are preferred.
  • Even homemakers who have worked previously for us and who can devote up to 4 hours a day are eligible.
  • Ready to work on a freelance basis. Most of the remuneration is paid in commissions; hence the potential to earn is unlimited.
  • A quick learner with self-motivation towards self-improvement is preferred.
  • Willing to work in this field and travel in the city/town. Having a vehicle would help.

Educational Specialists

Unified Council's mission is to significantly improve schools' quality of learning by developing innovative, research-based products. The Unified council will attempt to provide that breed for India's educational system.

Job Description

To be a part of the Unified Council's team of educational specialists developing high-quality diagnostic tests, candidates should have an accurate pinpoint level of learning.

  • They must be excellent in instructional designing or curriculum-related books.
  • They should also participate in subject-based research projects to design more effective assessment methods.

Desired Profile

The Unified council believes multiple profiles can fit this requirement; some include former teachers, principals, academicians, 35+ years old, bright, academically-oriented persons with a very strong teaching background and educational fundamentals.

Other primary requirements are,

  • Applicants must have a solid academic background (school level English, Maths, and Science) with 80% in school board exams.
  • Past teaching/educational experience is highly desirable; they should be aware of children's abilities in different classes.
  • Able to think innovatively, likes to read.

Teacher Trainers

To be a part of the Unified Council's team of educational specialists, candidates should deliver high-quality training programs. The trainers should collect and devise successful teaching methodologies from schools that can be implemented in the classroom.

Desired Profile

Senior educationists are former teachers, principals, academics, and 35+ years old, bright, academically-oriented persons with a solid teaching background and educational fundamentals.

  • Good presentation and training skills
  • Strong teaching experience in the subject of choice
  • Past teaching/educational experience is a must for subject trainers.

Public Relations Executive

Relationship management & coordination work with internal as well as external customers. They are also responsible for implementing the strategy, company awareness, and their product line through tie-ups with the media. They should be writing and publishing articles in leading media throughout the country, developing and updating content for company newsletters and websites.

Desired Profile

Eligible persons are senior educationists- former teachers, principals, academics, and 35+ years old, bright, academically-oriented persons with a solid teaching background and educational fundamentals.

  • Candidates should have a mass media/journalism degree with 1-2 years of experience as a PR executive.
  • Freshers will be considered.
  • Excellent oral and written communication.
  • Capable of fast-track action and media savvy.
  • Well-experienced in handling PR/media assignments against set deadlines.
  • Net-savvy with excellent computer skills (MS Office)·

DTP Operators

Its communication material mostly decides the image of an organization, and a good designer can make an invaluable contribution to the organization.

Roles and responsibilities of DTP operator includes,

  • Conceptualization, designing, layout, formatting, and print supervision of all material to be printed.
  • Designing and layout of pages for our books
  • Developing templates for other materials such as certificates, mark sheets, analysis forms, improving readability, and communicating the message intended for the students and parents, effectively
  • Developing and updating content for company newsletters and websites

Desired Profile

Candidates with any degree are eligible for the post when they have the following skills.

  • Sound knowledge of digital graphic software, especially PageMaker/CorelDraw and Adobe Acrobat, MathType, etc.
  • Illustration skills would be an added advantage.
  • They must have a natural aptitude for color, balance, symmetrical, and asymmetrical presentation combined with a strong design foundation.

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