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International Social Studies Olympiad Registration 2023

The SilverZone iSSO registration process is quite easy, where the prospectus containing the registration forms of iSSO exams and other exams conducted by them will be sent to all the schools registered with the SilverZone Foundation. Interested schools that are not registered with SilverZone can send their request mail to officials for registration.

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SilverZone iSSO Registration Highlights

For the academic year 2023-24, iSSO SilverZone Olympiad is conducted in online mode. Schools should submit their student's registration forms within the deadline. Registration forms sent after the deadline won't be accepted.

Some highlights for iSSO registration are given below.



Name of the Exam


iSSO Full-Form

International Social Studies Olympiad



SilverZone iSSO Registration Date

March 2023

SilverZone iSSO 2021 Registration Deadline

Aug 31, 2023

Exam Dates 

  • TBA

SilverZone iSSO Registration Process 2023

SilverZone foundation processes student registration only through schools. For a student to participate in the iSSO olympiad, their school must be registered with the SilverZone. Also, schools have to get registered themselves in the SilverZone Olympiad by sending an Email.

Throughout the entire process, school coordinators are responsible for submitting the 4 registration forms of the SilverZone. The application form links are available on the official website. Registrants can download the application form from the official website.

The application form consists of four forms,

  • School Registration Form
  • Student Registration Form
  • Book Order Form
  • Teacher Participation Form

SilverZone iSSO School Registration

Schools interested in registering their students for SilverZone Olympiads should register themselves with the SilverZone. The school coordinators can send an email covering the interest to register with SilverZone Foundation. After registration, the schools' registration sheet and the information booklet will be delivered to schools all over India. Schools can also download the school registration form from the official website to start the application process.

A few important notes that should be followed by school coordinators and students while applying are mentioned below.

  • Level 1 exams of SilverZone will be conducted during the respective school's in-class hours.
  • Every school should have a minimum of 20 student participants to register themselves as a SilverZone exam center.
  • The registration form of the iSSO Olympiad can be availed from any of the SilverZone school centers or the official website a week before the exam date.
  • The authority will publish iSSO 2023-24 registered names of schools and students.
  • No individual participation is allowed in the SilverZone iSSO Exam.
  • Finally, a copy of the roll numbers and school registration sheet must be sent to the SilverZone foundation office within 30 days before the 2021-22 iSSO exam date.

SilverZone iSSO Student Registration

Students have to fill a registration form, providing all the required credentials to SilverZone to register for the iSSO SilverZone Olympiad. Students cannot get registered individually for the SilverZone Olympiad. They can apply only through the respective schools.

Students applying for the iSSO 2023-24 exam can check the details of the application process as mentioned below.

  • For students to participate in the iSSO Olympiad, their school must be registered using the school registration form.
  • The school coordinator will be responsible for registering the student for the iSSO Olympiad exam through the student registration form.
  • Interested students can give their names and subjects they are willing to apply to their teacher-in-charge.
  • SilverZone Olympiad registration forms should be submitted to the respective teacher-in-charge.
  • The registration fees can be submitted either through demand draft or online transfer.
  • Participating schools have to send the filled-in application along with the demand draft to the organization's address.

SilverZone iSSO Teachers Participation Form

The SilverZone Olympiad understands that teachers play a vital role in the academics of a student. Thus the iSSO SilverZone Olympiad also includes teachers to prepare questions for the olympiad exam. Teachers can send their questions to the SilverZone foundation, and the teacher will be rewarded INR 500/- for every selected question.

Teachers have to fill out the SilverZone olympiad teacher's participation form to send their questions. And the questions will be selected by the expert panel of the SilverZone Foundation. If the questions chosen are received by two or more teachers, then the prize will go to the early bird.

Teachers can also take part in the process of the SilverZone iSSO olympiad exam as a coordinator. SilverZone iSSO olympiad also awards prizes to teachers and principals based on their coordination level.

SilverZone iSSO Registration Fees

For schools in India, the enrollment fee is INR 125 per student. And the school may collect INR 25 per student in charge and remuneration for teachers. Whereas, for international students, the enrollment fee is USD 8 per student. And, the school may collect a USD 2 per student in charge and remuneration for teachers.

As SilverZone foundation conducts various Olympiad exams, students can also apply for different subjects. Students who have opted for a minimum of 4 subjects can appear for the 5th subject without registration fees. Thus, students applying for 5 olympiad exams only have to pay INR 500 + INR 100 (as the honor for teachers) to their school.

SilverZone iSSO Enrollment Number

iSSO enrollment number can be referred to as iSSO registration number or roll number. Every student will get a SilverZone iSSO enrollment number written on their admit card.

ISSO enrollment number also helps students to get exclusive year-wise and subject-wise comparative analysis performance reports.

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