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International Olympiad of Science Sample Test Papers 2023

The SilverZone IOS 2023 updated syllabus has been released. Once your preparation is done start practicing Silverzone's IOS Sample Papers which gives you an immense idea about the science olympiad exam. In IOS, 15% to 20% of questions from 'Applied Science' have been added. While preparing the questions for 'Applied Science, the age factor will be considered the major criteria.

SilverZone IOS Sample Papers

SilverZone Science Olympiad 2023 Sample Paper

The complete Syllabus and Sample Test Paper are provided on this website.

  • The International Olympiad of Science Model papers gives exposure to the students. It shows the level of questions and the types which will be asked in the exam.

  • Silverzone IOS Solved sample papers will give clarity as to what kind of questions the students can expect in the SilverZone Science Olympiad.

  • Sample Papers are of vital importance for any exams. Through IOS 2023 sample papers students tend to take away many important points such as the type of question and the difficulty level of questions also what is their present state and what are the areas they need to improve for the examination.

  • The sample papers and solutions will give the students a hand on analysis of the subject-specific papers.

  • The International Olympiad of Science Sample Papers for all the Classes will help the prospective students to prepare better for the final exams.

  • Solving the Sample paper will help in boosting the confidence as well as helps to overcome the phobia of the exam.

SilverZone IOS Model Test Papers

Name of Organization

Silverzone Foundation

Popularly known as

International Olympiad of Science


Sample Paper

Mode of Reference




SilverZone IOS Solved Sample Papers download:-

  • Step 1: Firstly, the candidates need to visit the official website, ie. SilverZone.

  • Step 2: In the official site under the Olympiad category click "International Olympiad of Science (IOS)"

  • Step 3: The candidates will be directed to the IOS individual page.

  • Step 4: On the left side of the individual IOS page candidates can view the important links for the IOS exam.

  • Step 5: Click on "Sample Question Papers" on the IOS landing page.

  • Step 6: Under the Sample Question Papers candidates can view and download the class-wise sample paper list.

  • Step 7: The file of the IOS Sample Test Paper will be in PDF format which will be readable with any operating system.

  • Step 9: The candidates need to prepare according to the model paper format for the upcoming examination and as all candidates know that the sample paper might be the difference between a student scoring average marks and a student securing well marks. Also, all the students should mark that standardization will not happen and students should expect their marks a bit low than expected.

The language medium is English only. The examination is being conducted for the classes 1st to 12th with the following details.

  • For Classes 1-2: There will be 40 questions and the duration of the test will be of 60 Minutes.

  • For Classes 3-12: There will be 50 questions and the duration of the test will be of 60 Minutes.

How the test is to be conducted will be given with the question papers. The questions will be of an objective type with multiple choice answers. There is no negative marking. For classes, 3rd onward OMR answer sheets will be given.

IOS 2023 Sample Papers

Here is a class-wise list of International Olympiad of Science (IOS) Sample papers. Candidates can view and download the sample paper list using the links. Click on Sample paper to download the class-wise sample paper format.

IOS Sample Papers
IOS 2023 Sample Paper Download

Class 1

Sample Paper

Class 2

Sample Paper

Class 3

Sample Paper

Class 4

Sample Paper

Class 5

Sample Paper

Class 6

Sample Paper

Class 7

Sample Paper

Class 8

Sample Paper

Class 9

Sample Paper

Class 10

Sample Paper

Class 11

Sample Paper

Class 12

Sample Paper

NOTE: Second level result will be announced in the 2nd/3rd week of March 2024 (Tentative). The student can also download their IOS admit card for further reference.

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