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SilverZone ABHO 2023 Awards

SilverZone foundation will distribute ABHO awards and scholarships to acknowledge students' achievements in the ABHO exam. Children who work hard should be encouraged by the class teachers or by their parents. SilverZone foundation rewards students with various prizes depending on their score on the test (students).

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Akhil Bhartiya Hindi Olympiad 2023 Awards

The Akhil Bhartiya Hindi Olympiad is a great opportunity for students interested in the Hindi language to improve their skills and pursue a career option. The ABHO also gives amazing prizes to the winners, encouraging more and more students to take up an interest in the national language.

The awards and their specifications are listed below in the form of a table.


SilverZone ABHO 2023 Awards


For the International Olympiad rank holder in each class will get a cash prize of INR 7,500 along with a winner’s trophy.


For the International Olympiad rank holder in each class will get a cash prize of INR 5,000 along with a winner’s trophy.


For the International Olympiad rank holder in each class will get a cash prize of INR 2,500 along with a winner’s trophy.

4th to 500th

For the International Olympiad rank holders in each class will be awarded Medals of Excellence.


All the participated candidates will be awarded the participation Certificate reflecting their Class / State / Olympiad Ranks and Marks.

ABHO International Award Winners

The students aspiring to write the ABHO can write in India or from abroad. They are also awarded exciting prizes.

The specifications of the awards for international winners are given below.

  • For up to 10 students getting the same rank, the award amount will be distributed equally. In addition, each winner will be awarded a Trophy in the applicable category and a Certificate.
  • In case 11 or more candidates get the same rank, each winner will be awarded an amazing prize + a medal ( in the applicable category) and a Certificate instead of a cash award.

ABHO School Level Winners

The students who take the Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Olympiad are also ranked at the school level.

The awards offered to the participants are given below.

  • Medals to Class Toppers

The top three rank holders will be awarded a symbolic Gold, Silver, and Bronze medal, respectively, provided they secure more than or equal to 50% Marks.

  • Chapter Wise Performance Analysis Report for each participating student

Every student who appears in this Olympiad will be provided with a chapter-wise Performance Analysis Report. It is a detailed analysis of how the student attempted the exam.

The objective of the report is to share with the student and their parents, an analysis of the student's answers. This is expected to assist the student in understanding their strengths and areas requiring improvement in absolute terms and on a competitive scale comprising lacs of students who appeared in the Olympiad.

The report consists of four sections, given below are detailed information about these four sections in the report.

  • Section A: Report provides an individual rank and student marks in class/zone/international level.
  • Section B: This section provides a Chapter-wise performance score of the student.
  • Section C: It provides percentile score help to compare the result of other students in the Zone and at the international level.
  • Section D: This section provides a percentage score analysis of the candidate compared with the Class, Zone international level.

ABHO Zone/State Categorization

All States and Union Territories in India and International countries participating in Olympiads have been classified into the following zones.

South Category

The States participating in the south category are given below.

  • Andhra Pradesh/ Telangana Zone
  • Karnataka/Kerala Zone
  • TamilNadu/ Puducherry Zone
  • All countries Other than the India Zone

West Category

The States participating in the west category are given below.

  • Maharashtra/Goa Zone
  • Gujarat/Daman and Diu/Dadra and Nagar Haveli Zone

East Category

The States participating in the East Category are listed below.

  • West Bengal/Andaman and Nicobar Zone
  • Bihar Zone/Jharkhand Zone
  • Odisha Zone
  • NorthEast (Assam/ Arunachal Pradesh/ Tripura/Sikkim/ Meghalaya/ Mizoram/ Manipur/ Nagaland Zone)

Central Category

The States participating in the central category is given below.

  • Uttar Pradesh Zone
  • Chhattisgarh Zone/ Madhya Pradesh Zone

North Category

The States participating in the North category are listed below.

  • Delhi Zone
  • Punjab/Chandigarh Zone
  • Rajasthan Zone
  • Himachal Pradesh/ Jammu and Kashmir zone/ Uttarakhand Zone
  • Haryana Zone

Important Points to Remember in ABHO

In SilverZone ABHO Exam, the students who received first, second and third place in all states will be rewarded with attractive gifts (minimum score of 50%).

In SilverZone ABHO 2023 Awards, Students attaining first, second, third positions in the class, whose marks are more than 50 percent, will be awarded gold, silver, and bronze medals, respectively. The certificate will be provided to all the participants in the examination by the SilverZone Foundation as a SilverZone ABHO 2023 Award.

Each winner will be qualified for one award for an exam. The winners will be qualified for the higher level award only. For example, the international top 3 rank holders will be entitled to awards based on their International ranks. Awards accruing to them for their Zonal ranks will be given to the next rank holder. Likewise, the next rank holder will give a class award accruing to a Zonal award winner. 

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