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OCSC Training Camp 2023

The third stage of the Homi Bhabha Center For Science Education (HBCSE) ISO, International Science Olympiad is Orientation-cum-Selection Camp (OCSC). Students who clear the preliminary levels are selected for OCSC. Every year from April to June, 35 students in each subject, i.e., groups including those who top the HBCSE preliminary exams, are selected for orientation camp.

The orientation camp provides the students with theoretical, experimental, and observational (for astronomy) tasks at Olympiad levels, which will qualify them to represent India at Global Science Olympiad, ISO.

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OCSC 2023 Training Camp

The top-scoring students from Indian National Olympiad Examination are invited for the Orientation-Cum-Selection-Camp (OCSC). Students here are prepared for the International Olympiad in theoretical and experimental skills by top educators. Depending on the Indian National Olympiads' performance, students will be selected in each subject for the Orientation-Cum-Selection Camp in that subject.

The orientation camp focuses on developing students' conceptual foundations and problem-solving skills. Students are trained in basic notions in astrophysics, astronomical data analysis, and night sky observations in astronomy.

The number of students for each subject is fixed. The table below shows the number of students selected for each subject.

Students Selected for OCSC Camp (Reserved for Each Subject)
Subject Number of Students Selected for OCSC
Biology 35
Physics 35
Chemistry 35
Junior Science 35
  • 25 for Group A
  • 25 for Group B

Note: In the event of a tie, all students with the same score at the last position are selected to appear for INO stage 2.

OCSC 2023 Training Camp Important Dates

In the HBCSE OCSC training camp, students are exposed to innovative experiments focusing on conceptual and procedural understanding in experimental science. Students are also put through several tests and assessments to test their skills.

The subject and dates released by the HBCSE are subject to change at short notice, so students should wait for confirmation of OCSC training dates before making any travel plans. The OCSC exam for each subject varies with dates, and the dates are released once HBCSE, Mumbai, has published the final list of students (after revaluation).

Given below is the tentative OCSC 2023 schedule for OCSC online training camp.

OCSC 2023 Camp Schedule (Online)
Groups OCSC Dates (Tentative)
Astronomy May 1 to May 18, 2023
Biology Jun 2 to Jun 11, 2023
Chemistry May 9 to May 19, 2023
Physics Apr 15 to Apr 28, 2023
Junior Science May 20 to Jun 02, 2023
Mathematics Apr 15 to May 13, 2023

Given below are the tentative dates for OCSC onsite training camp.

OCSC 2023 Camp Schedule (Onsite)
Groups OCSC Dates (Tentative)
Astronomy Jan 28, 2023
Biology Jan 29, 2023  
Chemistry Jan 28, 2023  
Physics Jan 29, 2023    
Junior Science Jan 28, 2023  

OCSC 2023 Cutoff Marks

Students with marks above the cutoff in any subject will be invited to attend the OCSC camp. If a student with marks above cutoff marks cannot find their roll number in the list, they have already been selected in the OCSC of another subject as per their preference. All students scoring more than (or equal to) respective cutoff marks receive a merit certificate.

Tabulated below are the cutoff marks for the OCSC camp.

OCSC Cutoff Marks
Groups Cut off Marks
Astronomy Group A 62
Astronomy Group B 56.5
Biology 166.5
Junior Science 91
Chemistry 54.5
Physics 43.5

Tabulated below are the total cut-off marks for the OCSC training camp.

OCSC Total Cutoff Marks
Groups Total Marks
Astronomy Group A 100
Astronomy Group B 100
Biology 300
Junior Science 180
Chemistry 119
Physics 80

OCSC 2023 Training Camp Selection Process

The number of students selected for OCSC is 35 in Biology, Chemistry, Junior Science, and Physics each and 50 in Astronomy (15 from Group A and 35 from Group B). In case of a tie, all students with the same marks at the last position will qualify to be selected for the OCSC. 

The selection process followed for inviting students to OCSC training camp are listed below.

The following procedure will be applied for the selection of students for OCSC.

  • Students who qualify in more than one subject in IOQ are asked to arrange the subjects to attend the OCSC, which will be indicated during the registration for IOQ.
  • After IOQ, a target number of students will be invited by the HBCSE to each subject's OCSC camp. The students in each subject will be assigned a rank according to their subject performance.
  • If students obtain qualifying marks in multiple subjects, they will be included only in the OCSC for the subject, which figures the highest in their preference list.
  • The preference will be considered during the selection process as students can attend the OCSC camp for only one subject.
  • Irrespective of selection or participation in OCSC, the student will receive a Certificate of Merit in every subject in which their score is equal to or higher than the score of the last selected student in that subject.

Note: Apart from the International Science Olympiad, HBCSE also conducts International Mathematical Olympiad.

OCSC 2023 Training Camp Results

Students participating in OCSC (both senior and junior batch) are provided with the results at the end of the camp. Gold medals are awarded to the students selected for OCSC in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy, and Junior Science.

The total number of students selected for each subject in OCSC 2023 is as given below:

No.of Students Selected in OCSC Camp
Groups No.of Students Selected
Astronomy Group A 15
Astronomy Group B 35
Biology 35
Junior Science 39
Chemistry 36
Physics 36

Steps to Check OCSC 2023 Results

Based on their INO or Indian National Mathematical Olympiad (INMO) performance, a student who qualifies in more than one subject will be invited to the OCSC ranked highest in their preference list. For 2023, students who clear the IOQ (International Olympiad Qualifier) 2023 are invited to the OCSC training camp.

Given below are the steps to view the OCSC Olympiad 2023 selection list.

  • Visit the official website of HBCSE or view the enter the OCSC selection link,
  • On the Olympiad 2023-2024, select Science Olympiad 2023-2024.
  • Select the selection procedure for Orientation-cum-Selection Camps (OCSCs) to view the OCSC 2023 list of selected students.
  • The roll numbers of selected students will be displayed in numerical order.

Note: Selected students will be sent confirmation of their selection by email.

Other Stages in HBCSE ISO

Each student who wants to represent the country for any one of the groups of exams under ISO 2023 must go through all the following stages.

Other Stages of ISO
Stages Exams
Stage I National Standard Examination (NSE)
Stage II Indian National Olympiad (INO)
Stage III Orientation cum Selection Camp (OCSC)
Stage IV Pre Departure Training Camp (PDTC)
Stage V International Science Olympiad (ISO)

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