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National Economics Olympiad Awards 2023

The National Economics Olympiad is one of its kind because it is the first PAN India Economics competition at the national level. It seeks to provide a platform for young minds to develop an interest in Economics by excitingly testing them. Besides cash prizes and certifications, top participants in the NEO exam also get scholarships from SRCC.

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National Economics Olympiad Awards and Prizes

SRCC has announced the total cumulative cash prizes of INR 65,000 for National Economics Olympiad winners.

Below are the prizes and benefits offered for the NEO toppers.

  • Cumulative cash prizes of INR 65,000.
    • First (Class 11 and 12 each) - INR 10,000
    • Second (Class 11 and 12 each) - INR 7,500
    • Third (Class 11 and 12 each) - INR 5,000
    • Zonal Toppers (Class 11 and 12 each) - INR 2,000
  • Certificate of excellence for winners
  • All the finalists will get a “Certificate of Merit.”
  • All the participants will get a “Certificate of Participation.”

National Economics Olympiad Structure

Given the rising popularity of Economics as a subject, the National Economics Olympiad attempts to tap the unutilized potential of young minds in this field and discover the economist in them at the high school level. To a great extent, economics is about practicality, and so is NEO. The Economics Society of SRCC values a philosophical approach that helps students come out of the bookish Economics and experience Economics in reality.

NEO is conducted as a questioning competition aiming to stimulate the economists within the participants. Most importantly, it encourages participants to enhance rationality and creativity. The economics Olympiad conducted by SRCC has different sections that will have additional weightage in rounds one and two for obvious reasons.

The Olympiad is divided into four sections, namely:

  • MCQ based on general economic concepts
  • Logical reasoning
  • Case study analysis
  • Data interpretation
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