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English International Olympiad [EIO] Sample Paper 2023

When students prepare for the English International Olympiad 2023-24 exam, they would be studying from other sources to perform better. But what most students forget to do is to practice sample papers. Practicing sample papers helps them to get an idea of the exam paper and how difficult it would be. Most importantly, it helps students to maintain the time between answering each question as they are not used to answering multiple-choice questions in school.

EIO Sample Paper Highlights

Sample papers are necessary for successful participation and achievements in any Olympiad Exams. After solving sample papers student finds it easier to attempt the test for the first time. The answer key is already provided in PDF format for easy download.

EIO Sample Paper Highlights

Name of Organization

Indian Talent Olympiad 

Popularly known as

English International Olympiad (EIO)


EIO Sample Paper

Mode of Reference




EIO Sample Papers

The sample papers are a must for students to prepare for Olympiad Exams. ITO sample papers are designed by experts to make students familiar with the syllabus covered and pattern followed. By analyzing the sample paper and its marking scheme students can make a smart plan and strategy for exam preparation.


Sample Paper


EIO Class 1 Sample Paper


EIO Class 2 Sample Paper


EIO Class 3 Sample Paper


EIO Class 4 Sample Paper


EIO Class 5 Sample Paper


EIO Class 6 Sample Paper


EIO Class 7 Sample Paper


EIO Class 8 Sample Paper


EIO Class 9 Sample Paper


EIO Class 10 Sample Paper

EIO Answer Key

The most important part of practising sample papers is self-analysis. It can be achieved by evaluating the answer sheets. Here is the answer key for the sample papers mentioned above.

  • For classes 1 to 6, the answer key is attached to the pdf files.
  • For class 7, the EIO answer key is given below.
    • Question 1 - D
    • Question 2 - B
    • Question 3 - A
    • Question 4 - D
    • Question 5 - B
  • For class 8, the EIO answer key is given below.
    • Question 1 - A
    • Question 2 - D
    • Question 3 - A
    • Question 4 - B
    • Question 5 - A
  • For class 9, the EIO answer key is given below.
    • Question 1 - A
    • Question 2 - D
    • Question 3 - B
    • Question 4 - A
    • Question 5 - A
  • For class 10, the EIO answer key is given below.
    • Question 1 - B
    • Question 2 - C
    • Question 3 - B
    • Question 4 - B
    • Question 5 - D

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