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Indian Talent Olympiad Awards 2022

The Indian Talent Olympiad Organization awards for the academic year 2022-23 are distributed based on several criteria at different levels. Indian Talent Olympiad is taken by a thousand students across the country every year. To encourage the achievers and instill the enthusiasm to achieve academic excellence through Indian Talent Olympiad prizes to every participant.

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Indian Talent Olympiad Prizes and Awards 2022-23

Top performing students are honored with a cash prize and other exciting prizes to recognize their excellent performance. ITO also motivates them to continue achieving better results. The following Indian Talent Olympiad prizes will be provided to the winners of NCO, ISO, NEO, NMO, NGKO, NAO, and NSSO exams.

Indian Talent Olympiad National Awards

National topper awards will be given to NCO, ISO, NEO, NMO, and NGKO exams. Given below are the highlights of national topper awards.

  • Each winner will be entitled to one Indian Talent Olympiad Foundation award for an exam conducted by the Indian Talent Organization.
  • Indian Talent Olympiad offers total awards worth INR 5 crore.
  • Over 35,000 awards and distinct medals were offered to the class toppers.
  • Every student who has participated in the Indian Talent Olympiad will get certificates & report cards.
  • Distinction achievers of the Indian Talent Olympiad will be awarded medals.

Tabel shows the highlights of the Indian Talent Olympiad national awards.

ITO Awards

ITO Prizes

1st Prize

INR 1 Lakh

2nd Prize

INR 40,000

3rd Prize


4th Prize



  • At the national level, 3rd prize is awarded to 10 students ranked subsequent to second prize winners.
  • At the national level, the 4th prize is awarded to 100 students, ranked subsequent to third prize winners.

Indian Talent Olympiad State Awards

Indian Talent Olympiad awards state-level winners of respective exams conducted by them. Attractive features among these awards include,

  • Each class's top three rank holders will be awarded Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals and a special recognization certificate with rank details imprinted on it.
  • All participating students will get a printed certificate with their name and rank details on it.

The table below shows the highlights of state awards offered by the Indian Talent Olympiad.

ITO State Level Awards

Prizes Offered

Rank 1 to Rank 10

Merit Certificate+Gold Medal+Scholarships

5th Scholarship of Excellence in Science

INR 4000 (For 600 Students)

5th Scholarship of Excellence in Mathematics

INR 4000 (For 600 Students)

3rd Scholarship of Excellence in English

INR 4000 (For 600 Students)

2nd Scholarship of Excellence in GK

INR 4000 (For 600 Students)

2nd Scholarship of Excellence in Cyber

INR 4000 (For 600 Students)

1st Scholarship of Excellence in Art

INR 4000 (For 600 Students)

Rank 11 to Rank 25

Excellence Award+Medal

Girl Child Award

90 top-performing girl students (For each state)

Indian Talent Olympiad 2021-22 Winner List

The winner lists will be released on the Indian Talent Olympiad foundation's official website after the successful completion of the exam. The ITO awards are divided into various categories, as listed below.


Indian Talent Olympiad Prize/Awards Winners


National Rank 1 Winners


National Rank 2 Winners


National Rank 3 Winners


National Rank 4 Winners


State Rank 1 to 10- Scholarship Winners


State Rank 11 to 25- Scholarship Winners

Features of Indian Talent Olympiad Awards

Olympiad exams conducted by the Indian Talent Olympiad have some unique features when it comes to conduction exams and offering awards. Some of the notable recognitions include,

  • Students who have received Indian Talent Olympiad scholarships in the last four years will get full exam fees exemption in any subjects.
  • Students appearing for the 3 Indian Talent Olympiad exams will get an exam fee exemption for the 4th attempt.

Given below are the unique features of the Indian Talent Olympiad.

  • Online School Login: Participating in school and their student gets an online login facility of the Indian Talent Olympiad. This helps in viewing and downloading olympiad results.
  • Message Alert System: Notification messages on Olympiad Exams will be sent as an SMS alert to the registered mobile number.
  • Golden School Award: 'Golden School Award' will be given to the top 100 best performing schools from each state.
  • Inspiring Teacher Award: 'Inspiring Teacher' award will be given to in-charge teachers of every state's top-performing schools.
  • Motivating Headmaster/Principal Award: The award will be offered to the Head Master/Principal of a top-performing school in each state.
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