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HBCSE Olympiad Awards 2023 - HBCSE Scholarship Scheme

HBCSE does not offer any career incentives as admissions or scholarships to participants. HBCSE uses its Olympiads as a promotional program to encourage students towards their studies by providing them with challenging academic opportunities. Although, some special HBCSE awards, in the form of books, etc., are given to the students to appreciate their HBCSE exam performance.

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HBCSE Awards 2023

Awards and certificates given for the exams (stages conducted for IMO, IPhO, IAAO, and other parts of ISO) are more about recognition and respect than monetary value. HBCSE gives awards and certificates to students based on their performance in the different stages. Only top students at each level are given certificates. There is no participation certificate.

Awards and certifications offered to students are as follows.

  • National Standard Examination Certificates
  • Indian National Olympiad (INO) Certificates
  • IMO TC/ OCSC Certificates and Awards
  • HBCSE Scholarships

National Standard Examination Certificates

Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT), Association of Chemistry Teachers (ACT), Association of Teachers in Biological Sciences (ATBS), or Mathematics Teachers Association (MTA) issues certificates for students who have secured the highest scores and percentile.

Besides, other recognition offered are,

  • Certificates are given to students who stand at the top position in their region, the state, or the nation.
  • These certificates are given based on the student's score in the NSE's or RMO. It is also possible that not all students who receive certificates are selected for Indian National Olympiad's (INO) and vice versa.
  • Students must check if they are selected for INO and then log in on the INO to get their selection letter. Students can collect their certificates from the centre where they took their examinations.

Indian National Olympiad (INO) Certificates

Students can also download their INO merit certificate for selection for OCSC/IMOTC and their letter of selection if they are selected in the top 35 of the particular subject.

Note: Students who have received an INO merit certificate (INMO/INPho etc.) for a particular year do not need to appear for the basic stages and may directly appear for INO (for that particular exam) next year if they clear all the other eligibility criteria.

IMO TC/ OCSC Certificates and Awards

The junior students will receive the INO certificate and prizes in the form of books. The senior students will receive an award in the form of books and cash.

HBCSE Scholarships

Students who have participated in an Olympiad conducted by HBCSE will be awarded gold, silver, and bronze medals and a cash prize of INR 5,000, INR 4,000, and INR 3,000, respectively. The National Board awards the cash prizes for Higher Mathematics (NBHM) during a formal ceremony held at the end of the training camp next year.

Other benefits for eligible students are,

  • Students who clear INMO and take up that subject during their undergraduate studies will receive a handsome scholarship, and this will continue until the student finishes their Ph.D.
  • Infosys Foundation, headed by Smt. Sudha Murty has instituted awards to medalists of Indian origin in the International Olympiads from 2002.
  • A cash prize of INR 15,000 is awarded to medalists, and TIFR decides the awardees.

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