NTT: Course Details, Admission, Fees, Eligibility

Duration: 1 Year
Avg Fees: ₹5K - 30K PA
Sakshi Chaudhary
Sakshi Chaudhary

Updated on - Jan 31, 2024

NTT is a one-year diploma course that helps students develop fundamental and practical knowledge of classroom management, child development, and various teaching methodologies as per children's level of understanding. The NTT course offers an ample amount of jobs to students such as Nursery Teachers, Nursery Managers, Pre-Primary Teachers, Pre-Kindergarten Teachers, etc.

Nursery Teacher Training Course Details

Degree Diploma
Full Form Diploma in Nursery Teacher training
Duration 1 Year
Age The minimum age limit to enroll in the course is 17 years.
Minimum Percentage A minimum of 50% marks in 10+2 (high school degree) from a recognized board.
Average Fees ₹5K - 30K PA
Similar Options of Study Post Graduate Diploma in Nursery Teacher Training, Diploma in Primary Teacher Training, B.Ed
Average Salary INR 3.4 LPA [Source: Ambition Box]
Employment Roles Nursery Teachers, Nursery Managers, Pre-Primary Teachers, Home Tutors, Pre-Kindergarten Teachers, etc.
Opportunities Educational Institutions, Pediatrics Clinic, etc.

What is NTT Course?

NTT full form is Nursery Teacher Training. It is a diploma course that equips students with skills to become effective nursery teachers and help in the development of cognitive, affective, and psychomotor domains of young children. The NTT course duration is one year.

NTT Admission requires students to have a minimum of 50% in their 10+2 (high school degree) from a recognized board. NTT syllabus helps students in understanding early childhood education and teaching methodologies in a classroom setting for children's holistic development.

NTT graduates can make a good career in a range of roles such as Nursery Teachers, PreSchool Teachers, Daycare Providers, Curriculum Developers, etc. The average salary of an NTT graduate is INR 3.4 LPA.

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Why Choose NTT Course?

NTT course focuses mainly on making the student aware of and educating them about ways and techniques to teach preschoolers. Below are a few points that give us in-depth insight into why to choose the NTT course:

  • An NTT can be a rewarding career for graduates as it trains students for successful careers as nursery managers, pre-primary teachers, home tutors, pre-kindergarten teachers, etc. 
  • The course develops skills in students to design lesson plans as per the needs of children which is also helpful in higher levels of teaching.
  • With blended learning striving in India demand for skilled teachers is expected to grow at a rate of 12%.
  • The reforms under National Education Policy focus on achieving 100% participation in ECCE by 2030, leading to an increase in demand for preschool teachers.

Who Should Pursue Nursery Teacher Training Course?

Below are the points regarding who should pursue a diploma in NTT:

  • Students who want to explore the wide array of techniques and methods to teach preschoolers can enroll in the NTT course.
  • Individuals who want to understand child development, teaching methodologies, and classroom management techniques can do this course.
  • Students aspiring to nurture children to nurture and develop knowledge, abilities, and social skills from birth to five years old can study this course.

NTT Eligibility Criteria

The standard eligibility criteria for the NTT course is mentioned below:

  • The eligibility for the NTT course in India requires the aspirants to complete their 10+2 (high school degree) with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks.
  • A relaxation of 5% marks is given to OBC/SC/ST candidates.
  • The minimum age to apply for the course is 17 years.

NTT Admission Process

The admission procedure for the NTT course is done on a merit basis. Listed below is the procedure to get admission for the NTT course:

  • Step 1: Students must meet basic NTT eligibility criteria set by the institutions. 
  • Step 2: Students should fill out the college application form available online and offline mode.
  • Step 3: As required by the college, students must clear entrance exams to be accepted into the course.
  • Step 4: Further, a candidate may be called for counseling sessions or an Interview process.
  • Step 5: Students must pay the admission fees and provide the necessary documentation for verification.

NTT Entrance Exams

The admission to the course is usually done on a merit basis which is a minimum of 50% marks in a high school degree (10+2) in any stream. Few colleges may conduct entrance exams as per their eligibility requirement. 

Types of NTT Courses

The course has full-time and distance learning options available to students. The following NTT course details are provided below:


Nursery Teacher Training Eligibility

NTT Duration

NTT Full Time

Should have passed 10+2 with a minimum of 50% marks.

1 Year

Distance NTT

Should have passed 10+2 in any stream with a minimum of 50% 

1-3 Years

Distance NTT Course

Below mentioned are the distance NTT courses:

  • The distance NTT course can be pursued by colleges like Sri Sai Correspondence College, etc.
  • The average NTT course fees is in the range of INR 10,000-15,000.
  • The students should have completed 10+2 (high school degree) in any stream with at least 50% of the marks.
  • The duration of the course is one year which can be maximum extended to three years.

Top NTT Colleges in India

The NTT course is offered by various colleges in India and the candidate can get admission based on merit or entrance exam scores. The average Nursery Teacher Training course fees is in the range of INR 5,000-30,000. Below is a list of the top NTT colleges in India:


College Name

Total Fees


Integrated Institute of Professional and Technical Studies

INR 27,000


Singhania University

INR 20,000


Arunachal University

INR 12,000





Gokul Global University

INR 28,320


Maheswari Girls PG College



Arunodaya University



Swami Vivekanand Institute of Engineering & Technology

INR 25,000


Indian Institute of Management and Technical Education



Guru Nanak College

INR 15,000

Top NTT Colleges by City

NTT Colleges in Mumbai

NTT Colleges in Ahmedabad

NTT Colleges in Pune

NTT Colleges in Chennai

NTT Colleges in Indore

NTT Colleges in Surat

NTT Colleges in Jaipur

NTT Colleges in Bangalore

NTT Colleges in Kolkata

NTT Colleges in Lucknow

Top NTT Colleges by State

NTT Colleges in Hyderabad

NTT Colleges in Gujarat

NTT Colleges in Delhi

NTT Colleges in Kerala

NTT Colleges in Karnataka

NTT Colleges in Tamil Nadu

NTT Colleges in Rajasthan

NTT Colleges in Uttar Pradesh

NTT Colleges in Chandigarh

NTT Colleges in Punjab

NTT Colleges in Maharashtra

NTT Colleges in Bihar

Nursery Teacher Training Syllabus and Subjects 

NTT syllabus focus on giving a student an understanding of the teaching profession through different teaching methodologies and strategies necessary to become responsible teachers and preschool managers.  Some of the common NTT subjects taught are given below:

  • Teaching Methodology
  • Child Psychology
  • Child Care and Health
  • Basics of Pre-Primary Education
  • History and Philosophy of Pre-Primary Education
  • Nursery School Organization, Community, Child Health and Nutrition

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NTT Course Comparison

NTT course is catered to students interested in building their careers in primary education and teaching young minds. However, there are similar courses that also cover the same area of study. Below is a comparison of the NTT course with other courses:


The below showcases the differences between NTT and Diploma in Early Childhood Education




Course Duration

1 year

1 Year


A minimum of 50% marks in 10+2 (high school degree)

A minimum of 50% marks in 10+2 (high school degree)

Top Colleges

Integrated Institute of Professional & Technical Studies, Singhania University

University of Baroda, IGNOU

Average Fees

INR 5,000-30,000

INR 10,000-30,000

Average Salary

INR 3.40 LPA

INR 3.25 LPA

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Courses After NTT

An NTT is a diploma course that students pursue after their second high school in order to learn more about teaching preschoolers. Below are some of the most popular higher education options available for students after completing an NTT diploma:

  • B.Ed
  • M.Ed
  • M.Phil
  • PhD

Career Options After Nursery Teacher Training Course

The NTT program offers students to work in a range of roles in both private and public sectors. Some of the job positions offered to graduates are:

  • Nursery Teachers
  • Nursery Managers
  • Pre-Primary Teachers
  • Home Tutors
  • Pre-Kindergarten Teachers

NTT Salary in India

The average salary for an NTT graduate is around INR 3.4 LPA (Source: Ambition Box) which would increase with the experience and skills. This salary is not fixed and can vary depending on many factors. Students can increase their salary by gaining higher education or certificate courses.

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Skills to Excel as an NTT Graduate

NTT graduates should develop good communication and listening skills. A few necessary skills for NTT graduates are: 

  • Patience and Discipline
  • Enthusiastic Behavior
  • Passionate about Teaching
  • Communication Skills
  • Friendly Attitude


What is NTT syllabus?

NTT syllabus covers topics like the Basics of Pre-Primary Education, Child Psychology, Teaching Methodology, etc.

Which is better NTT or B.Ed?

B.Ed is a more comprehensive program that covers a variety of educational disciplines, whereas NTT concentrates on early childhood education and offers practical experience in teaching primary school children. The choice depends on individual goals and interests.

What is the NTT course duration?

The Nursery Teacher Training course duration is 1 year.

What is the salary of an NTT graduate in India?

The average salary of an NTT graduate is INR 3.4 LPA.

What job opportunities are available after completion of the NTT course?

After completion of the NTT course, graduates can work as Pre-Primary School Teacher, Pre-Kindergarten Teachers, Nursery Manager, etc.

What is NTT full form?

NTT full form is Nursery Teacher Training.

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