TSPSC Syllabus 2021: Subject-wise Syllabus and Weightage Pdf Download

Exam Date

Jun 13, 2021

Result Date

Jul 1, 2021

Apr 7, 2021


It is important for the candidates to have a thorough knowledge of these topics since the exam is very competitive and a huge number of applicants would register for the TSPSC 2021.

TSPSC 2021 Syllabus

Paper I (General Knowledge)

  1. Policies of Telangana State

  2. History of Telangana and Telangana Movement

  3. Indian Constitution: Salient Features

  4. Current Affairs

  5. General Science in Everyday Life

  6. International Relations and Events

  7. Geography and Economy of India and Telangana

  8. Indian Political System and Government 

  9. Society, Culture, Heritage, Arts, and Literature of Telangana

  10. Environmental Issues and Disaster Management 

  11. Geography and Economy of India and Telangana

Paper-II (Secretarial Abilities)

  1. Numerical and Arithmetical Abilities

  2. Comprehension

  3. Mental Ability (Verbal and Non-Verbal)

  4. Re-arrangement of sentences with a view to improving analysis of a passage

  5. Logical Reasoning

Proficiency Test - Proficiency in Office Automation with the usage of Computers and Associated Software

The test shall be conducted with respect to the terms and regulations issued in G.O.Ms.No 133 and 134, GA (Ser.B) Dept., dt.12.5.2014

Software: Contents (Part A)

A. WORD: 50 Marks

  1. Create and save a document using MS WORD
  • a. Deletion of Character, Word, line, and block of text
  • b. Undo and redo process
  • c. Moving, Copying and renaming
  1. Format the Text document
  • a. Character formatting
  • b. Paragraph formatting
  • c. Page formatting
  1. Spell check the document
  • a. Finding and Replacing text
  • b. Bookmarks and Searching for a Bookmarks
  • c. Checking Spelling and Grammar automatically
  • d. Checking Spelling and Grammar using Dictionary
  1. Print the document
  • a. Print Preview
  • b. Print Dialog box
  1. Mail Merge in Ms-word
  • a. Create a main document and data file for mail merging
  • b. Merging the files
  • c. From letters using mail merging
  • d. Mailing labels using mail merging
  1. Table creation in Ms-word
  • a. Create a table in document
  • b. Add row, column to a table
  • c. Changing column width and row height.
  • d. Merge, split cells of table.
  • e. Use formulae in tables.
  • f. sorting data in a table.
  • g. formatting a table.1. Create and save a document using MS WORD

Software: Contents (Part B)

B. EXCEL: 15 Marks

  1. Create and save a new workbook in Excel
  2. Entering Data into Worksheet
  3. Editing data of Worksheet
  4. Formatting the text in the cells
  5. Formatting the numbers in the cells.
  6. Formatting cells.
  7. Copying format of the cell along with data format.
  8. Changing the height and width of cells.
  9. Freezing Titles, splitting the screen
  10. Enter formulae for calculation in the cells.
  11. Copying the formula over a range of cells.
  12. Inserting built-in functions into the cells.
  13. Create graphs for the data using Chart Wizard.
  14. Format graphs in Excel.
  15. Printing of worksheet

Software: Contents (Part C)

C. PowerPoint: 10 Marks

  1. Create and save a new presentation using MS PowerPoint
  2. Choose Auto Layout for a new slide.
  3. Insert text and pictures into a blank slide.
  4. Insert new slides into the presentation.
  5. Apply slide transition effects.
  6. Slide show.
  7. Set animation to text and pictures in a slide

Name: Contents (Part D)

D. Internet: 05 Marks

  1. Browse the Net using Browser software (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.,).
  2. Search the Web using Search Engines.
  3. Create an E-mail account.
  4. Send and receive E-mail.
  5. E-commerce transactions.

Candidates can see the TSPSC 2021 Exam Pattern for detailed information about the pattern of Paper I, Paper-II, and the Proficiency Test.

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