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Scholarships of Thiagarajar College, [TC] Madurai

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Thiagarajar College, [TC] Madurai Scholarships


  • National Scholarships Scheme
  • State Scholarships for the children of school teachers
  • State Government merit scholarship scheme
  • Scholarship tenable in Jawaharlal Nehru University
  • Scholarship to cadets belonging to Tamilnadu in National Defence Academy Khadakvasal, Pune
  • Concessions and scholarship to the children of Repatriates from Srilanka and Burma
  • Scholarship to students from Non-Hindi speaking states for post-matric studies in Hindi
  • Concessions and scholarships to the children of freedom fighters, Defence Service Personnel
  • National Loan Scholarships
  • State Collegiate scholarships
  • Tamilnadu Government Scholarships for outstanding NCC Cadets
  • Direct General NCC Scholarship for meritorious NCC Cadets
  • Dr.Radha Thiagarajan Educational Foundation
  • Tamil Medium Stipend (for B.A. Economics)
  • Tamil Nadu Farmer Welfare Scheme Scholarship
  • Malcolm & Adisesaiah Elizabeth Trust, Chennai (for conducting competition and Ph.D. research stipend)
  • Tamil Nadu Government Education Trust
  • Sita Ram Jindal Foundation, Jindal Nagar, Bangalore (Educational Scholarship)
  • Tamil Nadu State Government stipend for pursuing Ph.D.
  • Indira Gandhi P.G. Scholarship for Single Girl Child
  • Central Government Educational Scholarship


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