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Smt NDRK College of Nursing, Hassan, is a premium Nursing College in the heart of Karnataka. Today in this fast paced world, people have become more health conscious and the whole world is moving into a new arena of health sectors and thus there is a greater need of qualified nurses in the health profession. The elite institution thus is primarily concerned with imparting quality education to the nursing aspirants through rigorous academics and practical affairs.The Aim of the college is to prepare competent graduate nurses who will assume first level responsibilities and can use the modern scientific methods while dealing with real life challenges.

Highly experienced and quality faculty members who incorporate the uniqueness in teaching methodologies. Attention and care is given to each and every student.

NDRK College of Nursing believes that Nursing is a service, which relates to the Holistic approach in the case of the sick and the families learning as a life long process is promoted through intellectual creativity, self-awareness, self discretion and responsibility. Students are responsible for responding to learning experiences, which stimulate the intellectual and personal development.

To instill and develop an aptitude of nursing and to provide the necessary knowledge and skills to care for the sick and the families in the health profession.
To develop the students to the fullest potentials so as to be effective access and rightful citizens.
To assist acquiring the ability to research and application of advance scientific knowledge in the field of nursing.

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College of Nursing has spacious well equipped laboratories where the young nursing students learn the skills and apply the same on day-to-day practice in the hospital, clinical areas and in the field of community.Fundamentals of Nursing, Medical and Surgical Nursing, Community Health Nursing, Maternal and Child Health Nursing, Nutrition Lab,Anatomy Lab,Physiology Lab,Micro Biology Lab,Computer Lab.The hostel is provided in the college campus separately for men and women with all necessary amenities and facilities. Hostel is


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