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About Smt NC Gandhi and Smt BV Gandhi Mahila Arts and Commerce College, [SNCGSBVGMACC] Bhavnagar

The college started in June, 1951 with just five students and used to sit in the high school building of our Management. In the early sixties the college moved in our     present building. By this time, the number of students had increased to around eight hundred. It was still only Arts college with six subjects for specialization at U.G. &     five subjects of specialization at P.G. In the early seventies two more subjects for specialization started at U.G. level. In the late seventies when the pre-university     classes were gone under 10 + 2 formula, the college started Commerce Faculty.

Ours is the first women’s college in Saurashtra and one of the oldest women’s colleges in Gujarat. It is a leading college in SNDT women’s University in the sense that the Faculty of Commerce started in the University because our college wanted to start B. Com. degree programme. We started PG centre for five subjects at M.A. in 1963 and in that sense some of our PG subjects started before the PG department of the university. We started the M.Com. Programme before it started at University campus. Ours is the first college to start the programme of Bachelor of Management Studies. Ours is also the first college to start specialization in costing at B.Com degree. The date of college was recognised by U.G.C.

  1. Under 2f Feb. 1979
  2. Under 12B Feb 1979

This not only compensated for the loss of pre-university classes, but increased the overall strength of students in the college. During the eighties and early     nineties, the strength of the college remained between 1300 and 1600. In the eighties we also started P.G. in Commerce Faculty. In the late nineties, we introduced     P.G. in two more subjects and also a new Faculty – Management Studies – and started the U.G. programme of BMS. We also introduced the vocational course of     Communicative English during these years. Finally in 2001, we introduced another vocational course Office Management and Secretarial Practice. Thus the college     has developed academically during these fifty years and has succeeded in creating the impression of being a very good college of the region. The financial category of the college

  1. Grant - in aid
  2. Self - Financing

Vision :-

We are committed to provide world-class education to women for their economic, social, cultural and personal upliftment with an ultimate objective of improving their quality of life in totality.

Mission :-

We are striving to develop a model institute of higher studies for women in various fields. For this, we have

  • To employ and retain dedicated and learned teachers of high morale;
  • To establish transparent administration;
  • To add continually new branches/subjects, vocational courses and promote various co-curricular activities.
  • To build adequate infrastructural facilities;
  • To establish world-class management system;
  • To comply related requirements in spirit;
  • To impove continually in all aspects.

Core Values :-

Honesty, Sincerity, Learned, Studious, Open to new ideas, Free of prejudices/inhibitions, Work as a team, Controlled, Truthful, Sustainable environment.

For more details about admission please contact :-

Trust : 
Tel. 0278 - 2519062/63/64
Fax : 0278 - 2420589 / 2519831

Principal :
Tel. 0278 - 2203180 ; 9427323056


Infrastructure :

Smt. N.C.Gandhi and B.V.Gandhi Mahila Arts and Commerce college is prestigious college with huge physical facilities.

The college has a large ground of about 5993 meter large. Trees are grown in the ground with facilities for the students to play volleyball, Kabaddi, Kho-kho etc. The huge college building  01-has three floors, with broad, huge corridors, water coolers on each floor are installed to provide clean – cool drinking water to the students. Basic facilities are also provided to the girl students –

Career Counselling :-

Employment Cell

The college has Employment Information Bureau. It guides the regular students as well as ex-students in building up their career and also about employment. Its various functions are given below :

  • It gives vocational guidance to get job in private as well as public companies. It guides students to face competitive exams like UPSC, GPSC, Railway, Banks and LIC.
  • It gives information about various jobs, vocations advertised in newspapers, of local, regional and national level.
  • It gives the

Scholarship is provided to meritorious students in different schemes.


Computer labs

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