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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] Reviews

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Computer Science and Engineering), batch of 2018
  • There are 2 hostels for boys and 2 hostels for girls at JK Institute of Applied Physics and Technology that accommodate students studying in this college. Although there are 2 hostels for boys, 99% of the students get accommodated in one hostel, the other hostel is old, small and so very few get accommodated there. But there is a point to be noted. Since JK Institute is a part of the University of Allahabad, students of other departments of the University of Allahabad also live in that hostel.
  • There are single rooms and double rooms in the hostel. We can choose in which room we can live. But generally 1st-year students are accommodated in double rooms, most of the students change into single rooms when they come to 2nd year.
  • Hostel rooms are comfortable with all basic necessities (a table, a chair, a cot and an Internet link, an almirah, sockets) with no attached bathrooms. Bathrooms are shared. There are bathrooms in each block.
  • Hostel fee is Rs. 11,000 for single rooms and Rs. 9000 for double rooms. But not all students who apply for hostel are accommodated. There is a shortage of rooms in a hostel, but you can stay with your friends on an adjustment basis by getting permission from a warden.
  •  There are many PGs around hostel most of them charging Rs. 2000-3000 per month. There is a mess in a hostel which charges Rs. 2500 every month.
  • The quality of food is fine or just average. The food is mostly North Indian.
  • Infrastructure is one of the weakest links of this college.
  • Quality of classrooms is just fine with spacious classrooms, good quality benches or seats(in some lecture halls), a sufficient number of tube lights and fans, but the condition of projectors is very poor in most of the classrooms.
  • Though the projectors are not much used, but when it is to be used we have to switch classrooms.
  • Library is small, it contains a few books that are recommended by professors of that college. There won't be much variety or more books on same subjects.
  • Computer labs are well equipped but electronics labs do not have the number of equipment that a lab is supposed to have.
  • College and Hostels are powered by high-speed Wi-Fi, it can be used by only those who study in this college. A form is to be submitted to prove that we are students of this college, and then a user_name and password is emailed to us, with which we can access that wifi.

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Electronics & Communication Engineering), batch of 2017
  • Hostels are also provided by the university during admissions . They are very good and fees vary hostel to hostel . But max fees is Rs. 10000 only per year . Hostel campus is very good with a lot of security .
  • There is a regular mess with a good food. Food charges are not included in the fee . It has been given on monthly basis .

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JK Institute of Applied Physics and Technology, Allahabad Infrastructure Details


  • Students Council: The activities is divided into Cultural, Games and Science & Technology. The President heads the student body, followed by secretaries which head the individual clubs.
  • Academic Council: The basic motive behind the council is to ensure that there is a creative atmosphere which facilitates the coming up of both innovative solutions and ideas either for problems which stand as challenges or just in the spirit of science. It functions with English and Hindi Literary Societies & Quiz Clubs.
  • Sports Council: Techno Cup and SWAT Cup are the major annual events of sports council. 
    • Techno Cup is a cricket tournament which is played almost for one week. In this event all classes of the department takes part including team of teachers. The eternal love among both students and staff can be sensed in the Techno Cup organized in the month of February for sports.
    • SWAT (Soccer With Attitude): It is the football tournament that is organized in September. Besides this major event there are several events such as table tennis, badminton, volleyball, athletics and also some indoor games like chess, carom etc. It is 3-day event in September-October. It is a pleasure that girls participating with equal enthusiasm as boys. The vigorous practice sessions and challenging matches infuse zeal & passion, making the students physically fit and dynamic for various challenges ahead.


  • IETE: The Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE) is India’s leading recognized professional society devoted to the advancement of Science and Technology of Electronics, Telecommunication, & IT. Founded in 1953 it serves more than 70,000 members through 57 centres spread all over India and abroad.
  • IEEE Allahabad Chapter: The IEEE Allahabad chapter was started to complement the burning scientific temperament of the department. The IEEE guest lectures series was a great success. The lectures delivered discussed how present engineers are solving the problems faced by industry such as in computers, power grids, Railway signalling system, 4G LTE etc.
  • JK ROBOTIX: JK ROBOTIX is a student club that has been successfully running in the institute for the past 2 years. Started on a batch- level, the club currently comprises of more than hundred actively participating members from each and every batch of the institute. 
  • SEE: (Society of electronic engineers) is a society in the department comprising teachers and students who work for the welfare of students as well as organize various academic, sports, cultural events in the department. The society provides financial support to the poor students, honours the brilliant students through scholarships, provides fund to the students for organizing various activities in the department. 


Cultural Council:  It consists of a group of students devoted to the cause of maintaining the rich cultural scenario and motivating in taking part in various events organized in the Institute. Many clubs including Music Club, Dance Club, Fine Arts Club remain active throughout the year, organize workshops and competitions.

  • Avirbhav: Avirbhav: Fiesta for Renaissance’, the annual cultural & technical fest of the department. It is carnival for the incredible talent dwelling in the college. The 5- day fest is inaugurated with oriented marathon followed by various academic, sports, formal and informal events that finally end in a spectacular cultural eve.


Library: The institute has a rich library which provides resourceful environment for learning. Books are arranged according to Dewey decimal classification, periodicals are arranged in alphabetical order and also non-book collection comprises of foreign theses, standards, Institute theses, reprints, and micro-forms.

  • 30000 books, thesis, technical journals, etc.
  • The Library collection consists of over a lakh volumes, more than 1000 Current Periodical subscriptions including periodicals on Electronic media and 50 Gifted periodicals. 
  • Electronic Library having Optical Disks, AV material and HDD Data.

Auditorium: The institute has auditorium named after an eminent scientist of India and our founder Head of the Department Dr. S.N.Ghosh. The auditorium has a seating capacity of 200 people and is equipped with latest audio-visual equipment in an air conditioned environment. 

Hostels: Hostel have gym, table-tennis hall, TV hall, sport ground, mess and LAN connection in every room with 5MBps.

Boys Hostels: 

  • Shatabdi Boys Hostel
  • Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Hostel

Girls Hostels:

  • Shatabdi Girls Hostel
  • Kalpana Chawla Hostel

Computing Facility:
For experimentation on Assembly language programming, Networking, image processing and other areas about 300 computers are setup in campus through 10 Mbps link. 

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