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The Library in the Institue has more than 26000 Books (Volume), 168 Journals including 73 International Journals in its collection. The e-library has been set up within the Library reading hall. Computers with multimedia and headphone are available to view the video CDs. 


The institute provides furnished residential accommodation for both girls and boys. The residential arrangements are under the direct supervision of the Superintendent who is assisted by the Asst. Superintendent, to ensure smooth management. The students who prefer Hostel are required to abide by the rules of the hostel to maintain discipline at all times.


The institute provides an environment for the students to develop their personality and a good health. All facilities are available for indoor and outdoor sports. Institute organizes Yoga & meditation session for stress release and good health. The Institue also has Gymnasium facilites for the students.


The classrooms are air-conditioned with a comfort sitting arrangement. The students have easy approach to the instructor and their friends for participation. The classrooms are fitted with audio systems, LCD, OHP and other modern teaching equipment.

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