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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] Reviews

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Mechanical Engineering), batch of 2017
  • 1 boys and 1 girls hostel with a fee of Rs 60000 per annum with horrible infrastructure and facilities are there at IERT Allahabad.
  • Rooms are available outside college with cost (Rs 1200-2000 per month lodging).
  • Food is ordinary in the hostel, if you are not in the hostel you have to starve for good food here, hotels serve below ordinary quality food here, so students make their own food and their whole creativity and time which should be used in their course, consumed in making and arranging meals.
  • No wi-fi here, labs are good but the problem is irregular facilities in the lab, the library is ordinary. 


Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech], batch of 2017
  • There are 3 hostels, 1 in college, one outside for boys and 1 for girls, they also have scheduled caste hostel for girls, which is not good in todays world where everything is equal. Hostel fees is INR 68000 per year including food, which is around Rs 5666.7 per month.
  • There are certain PGs available but not that close to college
  • The food quality is decreasing day by day but price still increasing. It costs around Rs 40-50 per meal.
  • Classrooms are ok types, but labs are outdated, libraries don't have latest books since 2013. There are no wi-fi facility in the college i.e the worst nightmare for computer science students. Even water purifiers are not available in colllege.

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech], batch of 2024

The hostel fee is INR 50,000 per annum, including the mess fees.

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Institute of Engineering and Rural Technology, [IERT] Allahabad Infrastructure Details


A Spacious Hostel is situated close to the Institution Campus at the bank of Ganges. All rooms are provided with ceiling fans, bookracks & wardrobes. Each student residing in the hostel is given a bed, table, & chair.The common room of the hostel is furnished with facilities of indoor games, coloured television, magazines & newspapers. There is a small library for the inmates providing them necessary text-books. A small canteen & a general store is situated in the Hostel campus to meet the day-to-day needs of the inmates. There is a gymnasium & a dispensary in the hostel. Proper care is taken that food served to the hostel inmates is highly nutritious & fresh. Breakfast, Lunch, Tea & Dinner is served by the Mess attendants to the inmates each day in an orderly manner.

Newly admitted students in the Institute can get hostel admission. The selection is made on the basis of one's merit, in the entrance test & participation in extra & co-curricular activities. The First Year student will have to apply to the Warden on the prescribed form for hostel admission at the time of admission. Seats are reserved for S.C./S.T. candidates as per the norms. Proper security measures are implemented for the welfare of the students.


The Labs of the College are good and well equipped with latest machinery. The Computer labs especially are provided with latest software and application development tools. The center has 256 Kbps dedicated radio link for 24hr connectivity and 128 Kbps dedicated ISDN line for extra internet surfing facility. All Computers are fully UPS backed up.


Industrial training tours are organized from time to time in leading industries to enable students to coorelate their theoretical knowledge with their practical experience


The students of I.E.R.T. are insured upto an amount of Rs. 2 Lakh


A huge air conditioned conference hall with effective light and scientifically designed acoustics is a sight for local and national conferences and guest lectures. All presentation aids are available for the speakers and guests to derive maximum mileage from such needs.


The institute provides a huge auditorium with a seating capacity of 400-500 students. It has an effective light and sound system.


The college provides adequate medical aid to all students at its medical center. A medical officer has been arranged to provide first aid and medical relief. The medical center is fully equipped with the latest medical facilities.


The college provides a stationary shop inside the campus that fulfills the basic needs of the students.


The institute provides ISD/STD/PCO facility within the campus so that the students can be in contact with their near and dear ones whenever needed.


The Canteens provide nutritious, hygienic and healthy food at subsidized rates.


A library is an important asset for any center of higher learning which provides services and facilities to meet the requirements of learning, teaching, research & development and consultancy programs. Hence, efforts are always directed towards creating a very rich library having all important National and International journals/ newspapers, encyclopedia and magazines. The institution houses two libraries: Main library and Reference library. These libraries are a physical manifestation of our vision to distinguish the college as a center of resource in the knowledge era. The libraries aim to fulfill the crucial role of supporting learning and teaching activities to all members of the Institute.

With a collection of close to 40,000 books in addition to thousands of journals and theses, our library is reckoned as one of the best in town. It has been our endeavor to provide both students and corporates with the best possible research material including the latest writings of management gurus, popular management texts, classical books on management and much more. With roughly four books added each day, the collection is only getting bigger.

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