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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Agricultural Engineering), batch of 2017
  • Many students hail from North Ahmedabad – Naroda side areas of the city, while those from outside Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar are from Surat and Kathiawad areas of the state.
  • The crowd is friendly and although everyone is a part of their respective groups, group-ism is seldom observed here.
  • The college is relatively new, and people want to know each other so interaction is good.

  • The college does not provide for hostels on campus, so students opt for hostels around. Vedant Ashray is a popular hostel where many students from GITS reside.  
  • Food is good, facilities nice, internet, television, fridge and laundry is available.The charges for the hostel is Rs.42,000 per year, and is pretty much worth it.
  • Private rooms are also available, but staying at the hostel is convenient, and preferable.

  • The campus is located among lush green fields on all the sides, and the walk through the fields is usually pleasant. Spread over a decent area, various departments and workshops are distributed in blocks spread out on the campus.
  • Not the most planned and well-utilised campus around, and unlike other campuses, which have sprawling lawns and well-planned campuses, GITS lacks that kind of a planned landscape. Currently Electrical, ECE, and IC departments are in the main building, and Mechanical department is in the other smaller building.
  • The main building is normal, but the other building is in a bad state. Rooms are just walls with lights and fans, with no attention towards making it slightly more pleasant or at least comfortable, and of course, the benches aren’t skipped. Students are now more hopeful than ever because the trust has changed and things may get better.
  • The benches are cushioned and the classes are very much comfortable in contrast with the other building. Labs are getting better after the new trust has been active in getting new equipment.
  • The library is also just about decent but it’s not the types that would dazzle you with its resourcefulness. Just a humble library, students have 2 library cards to issue books, and most of the times students manage to find a book, but well before the exam times, later there could be a rush.
  • Wi-Fi and internet access in available in the computer labs, and about 10-15 machines are dedicated for internet access in a lab of about 100 machines.
  • Sports facilities are absolutely none, and seems long before anything on that front could happen in GITS.

  • Placements are held combined with Sabar Insititute of Technology (SIT), and Tatva Institute of Technology Studies (TITS) which are colleges running under the same trust, and just going by that, students expect it to be good.
  • And the TPO reassures the students and expects students to maintain good aggregate and the rest shall be managed.

  • The faculty for the first year is common to all the branches, and students say most are good.
  • Even later as subjects specialise, the faculties are not bad, and if you attend their lectures and study during exams, you can get through.
  • Tuitions might not be absolutely necessary, but there are students who feel the need to take tuitions. The teachers are approachable even though not the most experienced.
  • Although there are some issues with a few subjects here and there, but overall the teachers are sincere and hard working.