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Reviews on Infra/Hostels of FLAME University, [FLAME] Pune

Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Reviews

Bachelor of Science [B.Sc], batch of 2015

Food offered at college canteen is very good. 

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Bachelor of Computer Application [BCA] Reviews

Bachelor of Computer Application [BCA], batch of 2017

There are 2 hostels for boys and similar as for girls And the atmosphere around the college is much better than others. College food is good in quality. Classroom, labs all are digital to gave good education and atmosphere is friendly

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FLAME University, [FLAME] Pune Infrastructure Details

Infrastructure Facilities at FLAME University, [FLAME] Pune:


  • The university has numerous classrooms of varying capacity and fully air-conditioned.
  • It is equipped with modern audio-visual and other facilities.
  • Classrooms are designed according to the new trends which are intensely contemporary to the current trends in learning space design.
  • Well-designed interiors are aimed to elevate the intellectual discourse and promote collaborative learning.
  • The classrooms are facilitated by the internet services.


  • The Vivekananda Library of the Flame University, [FLAME] Pune is one of the finest university libraries in the country.
  • The resources available include books on an impressive array of subjects as well as academic journals and digital resources.
  • It is available with sufficient reference and reading material for students to enhance their knowledge.


  • The FLAME University, [FLAME] Pune students live in blocks divided into three broad areas viz West Housing, East Housing, and North Housing. 
  • It is further divided into housing buildings each of which is equipped with all the modern amenities.
  • It also includes facilities like Wi-Fi and refreshment cafés close by.
  • All the housing buildings are within an easy walking distance from the classrooms.
  • Every room is equipped with an electronic safety deposit box to store valuables.
  • Some of the housing buildings also have common areas that include reading rooms, discussion rooms, television rooms.
  • To know more, click on Hostel Details.


  • The Campus of the University is filled with a good number of labs studios.
  • It provides opportunities for students to learn various procedural skills and experience it practically.
  • The studios have production, post-production and design facilities to meet a wide variety of student, professional and academic needs.
  • The facilities that are made available are post-production video lab, teaching lab, and recording studio.
  • It also facilitates video and audio editing rooms.
  • The lab and studio sessions’ objective is to accelerate students' learning through collaboration, innovation, and changes.


  • The University has a quality dining and kitchen facilities and serves only vegetarian food.
  • Non-vegetarian food is not allowed on the campus.
  • Meals provided include breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner - all seven days of a week. 
  • They have many restaurants and cafes that provide various kinds of snacks.
  • The University has a Café Coffee Day outlet on the campus.

Other Facilities: 

  • The University has the provision for a Store which caters to the basic needs of the students.
  • The University also has an Infirmary along with an Ambulance.
  • The University provides Shuttle Buses for transportation.
  • It has provisions for Photocopying and Scanning.

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