EIILM Kolkata Infrastructure: Campus, Hostel & Other Facilities

  • Kolkata, West Bengal
Ashmita Dutta Ashmita Dutta | May 20, 2023
Ashmita Dutta
Ashmita Dutta

Updated on - May 20, 2023

The campus of the Eastern Institute for Integrated Learning in Management in Kolkata is stunning and equipped with all the latest amenities. To accommodate the needs and requirements of all students and employees, self-contained facilities are provided on each of  EIILM's four campuses. Below are further specifics about the infrastructure of the EIILM in Kolkata.


The EIILM Kolkata library houses over 52,000 books and subscriptions to 2,600 journals. It also houses 1200 volumes of periodicals, project reports, dissertations, and 6,000 printed materials. Publications from Oxford, Willey McGraw Hill, Blackwell, Palgrave's, Sage, and Pearson contribute to the unique collection. The library premises are divided into sub-sections based on subject areas and house thousands of management-related textbooks.


The EIILM-Kolkata cafeteria offers delicious food at a subsidized rate. It serves tea, coffee, bakery items, confectionary, and traditional breakfast and lunch with Indian and Chinese dishes. It is open from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm and caters to events, meetings, celebrations, and special occasions.

Computer Labs

The main campus of EIILM Kolkata has 2 computer labs with over 350 computers with broadband internet connectivity. The systems have a range of functional software such as Word Processors, Spreadsheets, Database Packages, and Presentation Tools. Advanced technology like Think Client is used to facilitate easy networking and data protection is ensured with antivirus software like Quick Heal, Kaspersky, and Norton Antivirus. All campuses are Wi-Fi enabled to allow students and teachers to use their laptops remotely.

Language Lab

The Language Lab of EIILM Kolkata offers training in small groups with a more focused, individualistic, stress-free, and enjoyable learning environment. It focuses on phonetics teaching to enhance ear training and accent neutralization and includes programs that revolve around diction, pronunciation, sentence construction, and grammar. The main thrust is given on English to develop communication skills at par with the global corporate world. There are further plans to expand the Language lab to make it one of the best.

Capital Market Lab

EIILM-Kolkata has the largest “Online Stimulated Capital Market Lab” in Eastern India. It has 65 terminals to facilitate students to acquire hands-on training in Capital Markets and develop financial trading skills. CMIE Prowess and Accord Fintech Ace Equity databases provide annual reports of all listed companies, while Metastock charting software enables students to hone their skills in Technical Analysis for taking trading strategies in Equity, Currency, and Commodity markets. Students can practice and implement hedging, speculation, and arbitrage strategies in Equity, Equity Derivatives, Currency Derivatives & Commodity Derivatives Markets.

Common Room

The Common Room is a place for students to relax and enjoy extracurricular activities and indoor games. It also provides a color television set to keep students up-to-date with current events and cricket scores. The objective is to create a holistic environment for sharing talent and team management.


Wi-Fi connectivity across the campus is provided to students to create a comfortable and conducive learning environment for students. GB

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