DOT School of Design Infrastructure Details

  • Chennai , Tamil Nadu

DOT School of Design provides world-class infrastructure facilities to its students. From well-equipped classrooms to hygienic cafeteria, DOT School of Design has it all. DOT offers courses in the domain of UG, PG, UG Diploma and PG Diploma. It is one of India’s premier design colleges in Chennai founded by a team of designers and architects owning rich knowledge in the stream. Some of the other infrastructure facilities include the following:


  • DOT School of Design clean and well-maintained classrooms for its students.
  • The classrooms are equipped with modern facilities that provide the students with an effective learning atmosphere.

Communication Lab

  • DOT School of Design has a communication lab equipped with professional software.
  • The lab also has Sony and Blackmagic cameras and a green room.

Photography Lab

  • DOT School of Design photography lab has Sony and Canon Photography cameras
  • The institution also has a dark room which is useful for photography

Sewing Lab

  • DOT School of Design has a well-equipped state-of-the-art sewing lab.
  • The sewing lab has a well-equipped pattern-making studio equipped with a wide array of mannequins and garment tools.

Printing Facility

  • DOT School of Design has an in-house screen-making facility.
  • The printing facility provides exposure to state-of-the-art printing software.


  • DOT School of Design has a well-maintained cafeteria that serves clean and tasty food for the students and the staff.
  • The cafeteria at DOT School of Design serves quality food at a competitive price.

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