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Scholarships of Department of Management, [BITS] Pilani

Department of Management, [BITS] Pilani Scholarships

A large number of scholarships, fellowships and other financial assistance are available to the students of the institute.

Institute Merit and Merit-cum-Need Scholarships

Students admitted to Integrated First Degree Programmes are eligible to receive these awards. The merit awards cover reimbursement of full semester fees and admission fees for top ten students of each batch, and 50% or 25% semester and admission fees for those selected for Merit-Cum-Need awards. In favor of the merit awards, students are automatically considered, and students desirous of being considered for the merit-cum-need awards need to apply each semester in response to the concerned notice. On an average, these awards benefit a little over 20% of the students. All awards are made for one semester only, and their continuance in the subsequent semester depends upon the candidate's performance in the institute.

Student Aid Fund

Some financial assistance may also be obtained from this fund. These awards are made normally in the second semester only. Students have to apply for this assistance in response to a notice.

Other Scholarships & Aids

Student Welfare Division also forwards applications from students for scholarship/ financial aid to external agencies. The Division, in case of special need, tries its best to help the students, by all possible means.


Various schemes operate under the Earn While You Learn Programme (EWYLP) from which financial assistance is available. These include magazine distribution, service in supermarket ‘Akshay’ or in the library. EWYLP operates through Community Welfare Unit.

Professional Assistantship

Some students are selected as Professional Assistants each semester for laboratory work, office assistance etc. The selection and operation of the assistantship is done through Instruction Division.

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