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CHM Institute of Hotel and Business Management, [CHMIHBM] Faridabad Infrastructure Details

Facilities at CHM Institute of Hotel & Business Management –

  • Library
  • Laboratories
  • Classroom
  • Computer Lab
  • Wi-Fi Campus
  • Food and Beverege Lab
  • Front Office & Housekeeping
  • Hostel
  • Parking
  • Transportation

 Key Highlights:

  • Central library housing a rich collection of text and reference books, journals, magazines, audio/videos, CD-ROMs, research reports, etc. in all areas and branches of study in all disciplines.
  • The Libraries house a rich collection of text and reference books, journals, magazines, audio/videos, CD-ROMs, research reports, online Journals and databases and data analysis software, etc. in all areas of study in all disciplines.
  • Use of software in the libraries, which has made book issuing and depositing system completely an automatic process.
  • Online Catalog software which enables the students and staff to search the availability, request and reserve various books and other reference material available in the libraries at the comfort of their houses.
  • The internet facility is offered with a 500 Mbps dedicated leased line.

Facilities Available

  • Library Membership: All students and teachers who join the University automatically become members of the Library.
  • Periodical & Newspaper Section: Every library holds a very rich collection of relevant periodicals, magazines and newspapers.
  • Reference Service: Ready help and guidance is provided to all patrons searching for any book or other reference material within the libraries.
  • Xerox Facility: For the convenience of staff and students the libraries have Xerox machines to offer Xerox facility.
  • Cloak Room: The libraries have a cloak room for keeping the belongings of the students’ safe while they are within the library premises.
  • Wi-Fi internet connectivity: The libraries are completely Wi-Fi enabled to provide an easy access to internet.

The lecture halls architecturally designed with optimal room for natural light and air. They provide a vibrant backdrop to the academic achievements and offer a unique place to study, relax and develop. The classrooms are equipped with an array of hi-tech equipment which enables the competent teachers to conduct classes in such a manner that the students can make use of all the available resources at the click of a button. In this very special learning environment, LCD projectors, laptops, video players [for language labs] and document camera readers are available. All these facilities enable the teachers to teach in a unique and innovative manner which makes the students feel involved in the teaching – learning process and improves the pace and quality of learning.

International cuisines are mastered here with the help of basics in cooking. Training with modern techniques of cooking, presentation with great emphasis on hygiene, nutrition cost control are important here. On several workstations students venture into the world of cookery and food production. Modern machines and equipments help to make the preparations and storage efficient.

TThe training restaurant with bar provides students the opportunities to learn the quality and handling service in a restaurant and a bar. Students are tailored to develop as per the requirements National and International standards of handling of handling and serving the services to way they are served in restaurants such as buffets banquets etc.

Front office comes in contact with clients, including the marketing, sales, and service departments. It welcomes guests to the accommodation section: meeting and greeting them, taking and organizing reservations, allocating check in and out of rooms, organizing porter service, issuing keys and other security arrangements, passing on messages to customers and settling the accounts.
Housekeeping deals essentially with cleanliness and all ancillary service attached to that.
One of the major priorities of housekeeping in hotel is to maintain the hygiene and appearance of public areas and guest rooms. As hotels are sought after places for providing accommodations, the housekeeping department makes up the largest department in a hotel that is responsible for creating reputation and favorable impression of the hotel in front of guests.

Training Restaurant is a successful initiative established by the CHM Group of Institutes, training our future chefs, hotel managers and restaurant staff under the guidance of industry professionals and Faculties. The restaurant is an essential part of training for students. Restaurant staff training means a kind of apprenticeship with the eminent chefs in the restaurant business. The novice gets to learn good aspects and tips regarding the food business. Training is meant for the purpose of polishing the skills of students.

A well trained and efficient restaurant staff is truly a lifetime investment in getting the business to achieve strong competitive edge and also helping it to achieve maximum number of satisfied customers. Students are required to participate in every aspect of managing the restaurant.

CHM Group of Institutions offers residential facility to both students and Staff and has separate hostel for boys and girls with facilities like hygienic food, 24 hours WI-FI connection, medicare, gymnasium, parking facility and CCTVs fitted to maintain a eye on every action in order to prevent any harmful results offers residential facilities for students and staff. They are a provided with several facilities that enhance their living experience, including a recreational centre. The meals provided in the hostel are hygienic, wholesome and nourishing. A gymnasium is being planned. Each of these facilities is maintained. Room are allocated on first come first serve basis. A hostel warden takes care of Medicare, mess (veg/ non-veg) requirements and other things.
CHM hostellers are encouraged to participate actively in menu planning and other mess related matter. Consequently the mess committee has a due representation of students. The mess does not believe in limiting the amount of food and student consumes at the dining table. All students are advised to go through the hostel rules and regulation which are mandatory to be followed.


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