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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] Reviews

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech], batch of 2019

There are 5 blocks of the hostel. They divided into two parts that are girls and boys. Hostel fee is around INR 60000  per year.

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech], batch of 2020

Hostage facility is available for boys and girls separately. Wifi for all is available. Good and clean classes are there.

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Information Technology), batch of 2021

Hostel fees are INR 72000. INR 50000 is the cost of pg outside with. Food is not nice in college. The classroom is good without wifi.

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Arya College of Engineering and IT, [ACEIT] Jaipur Infrastructure Details


Library occupies a place of pride at Arya College of Engineering and IT and is an essential component of the institute's outstanding research and education mission. Recognizing the role of library and information services in meeting the requirements of the Institute's academic, research and training programmers, the Library was set-up as one of the key divisions of the Arya Institute of Engineering & Technology. It is a most lively place on the campus providing a safe, comfortable and friendly environment that enables learning and advancement of knowledge, and promotes discovery and scholarship. With a sitting capacity of over 200 students, the library has a ready stock of books journals, magazines and newsletter from all over the world, replete with all kinds of support activities, like photocopying, audio-visual rooms, electronic media section, book bank and linkage with various reputed libraries in India.

The mission of the Library is to facilitate creation of new knowledge through acquirement, association and spreading of knowledge resources and providing for value added services.

The centrally located Library, stocking a rich collection of learning resources in the discipline of Technical Education & Management, is built on most modern lines, equipped with latest designed furniture & fittings and is managed by a highly dedicated team of professionals. The library caters to the information needs of its highly demanding patrons, by offering a wide range of Information Technology (IT) based (and value added) services and products

Hundreds of students from all across the state live in hostel premises , which come closest to being 'a home away from home'. The separate facilities for boys and girls, caring wardens and a tight security ensures a pleasant stay allowing the students to focus on academics. Whilst internet access and STD facilities ensure close contact with family and friends outside, the fully equipped common rooms allow for that relaxed time with friends on Campus.

The campus has strict security through, biometric readers, latest IP cameras, fire warning systems and 24-hour guards.

The college runs its own fleet of buses and Cabs for the convenience of the students and the staff members to help them commute from Jaipur and surrounding areas. The students intending to avail the transport facility need to inform the transport officer at the time of admission.

Sports Facilities

Spending quality time is never a problem in the Institute. Sports facilities are provided for Lawn tennis, Table tennis, Carom, Billiards Table, Cricket, Football, Badminton, Basketball, and Volleyball. Evenings find students enjoying the pleasure of these sports as players and audience.


The institute has its huge mess , which serves healthy and nutritious cuisines to its students.

The institute has its own canteen, which serves healthy and nutritious food to its students at subsidized rates. The menu varies from spicy samosas, wafers to full-meals. The students also have a wide range of chocolates and soft drinks to choose from.

Computing labs

To comply with the state of the-art infrastructure Arya College has made available over 1000 personal computers equipped with the latest soft wares and connected to the latest accessories and services and other gadgets. The Labs are equipped with latest soft wares which include different Language Compilers, Operating Systems, Visual Studios, and packages for academics and administrative Purposes.

Other Facilities

Amenities at ARYA COLLEGE provide far more than academic and administrative facilities on campus. It is dedicated to provide students with an exceptional infrastructure for learning as well as facilities for simplifying the procurement of fundamental skills. To accomplish the goal, ARYA COLLEGE offers the following :

Green Campus
The Institute has an impressive and pollution-free campus with panoramic green surroundings, elegant landscaping and beautiful flowerbeds.

Water & Electricity
The institute has complete arrangements to deliver uninterrupted water and electricity supply for the students, round the clock. Sufficient water coolers with filtered water are available throughout the campus to provide clean drinking water to the students. In case of power failures, high power generators are also available. Constant monitoring is carried out to ensure that cleanliness is given utmost importance.

Health is wealth. Keeping this in mind regular health checkup Camps are organized in the campus to examine the health of students and staff members. Acquisition of health related knowledge, attitudes, skills and practices empower students to pursue a healthy life. The energetic students take full advantage of every opportunity to learn and thus achieve higher - academic excellence & tend to maximize social relationships and interactions, thus improving their chances of balanced progress.

Each hostel is provided with necessary first aid facilities. The Institute provides free first aid to the students in college campus during working hours. Qualified physicians are available in the close proximity of the college & hostels for consultancy.

Arya College has high-end servers with high-speed processor and colored monitors. All the technological resources atArya College are upgraded frequently to ensure that students are finely tuned to current trends in the World of technical advancements. In fact, every student gets ample time per week for hands-on computing experience as part of a guided learning session under the supervision of an expert faculty member. In addition to this session, each student is free to pursue computing activities at his or her preferred time, for the duration of his or her choice.

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